ESPN’s Scoop Jackson Dishes on the NBA

In a recent interview with Dave Zirin and Edge of Sports Radio on the PPI network, Scoop Jackson, columnist for ESPN, dished on some of the hot topics in the NBA today. Discussing topics from John Wall to Jamal Crawford and everything in between, Jackson even makes some bold playoff predictions and reveals his sleeper alerts. With his personal insights and extensive experience in the field of journalism, Scoop Jackson presents an opinion that no basketball fans want to miss.

With a high-energy personality, Scoop Jackson can be an entertaining figure to follow, but he has the résumé to back it up. Since 2005, he has written commentary for and ESPN The Magazine, in addition to appearing regularly on ESPN Radio and television shows. According to Jackson, had Blake Griffin not been injured prior to his NBA debut, retaining rookie status for last season, John Wall would have easily run away with Rookie of the Year honors. Jackson believes he will eventually prove how good he is, currently cast aside by playing for the lackluster Washington Wizards. If Wall played for the Philadelphia 76ers for example, explains Scoop, he would shine. On the topic of the 76ers, “They’re ballin’,” says Jackson. Along with the Portland Trailblazers, Jackson believes they will be two teams to watch out for come playoff time if they take advantage of older teams with nagging injuries that can linger after the long season. Jackson even went so far as to say “Jamal Crawford [of the Trailblazers] scares the drawers off me,” speaking of his ability to play the game, not a phrase many would dare to say.

Scoop also offers his opinion on the fundamentals of the game as well. “If you don’t play D, you’re not gonna get anything,” he offers straight up. Also speaking about playing with 100% effort, he passionately states, “You don’t see that a lot in professional sports.” Jackson also believes that society’s lofty expectations of high profile players and teams such as LeBron James and the Miami Heat can discredit major accomplishments such as reaching the Finals in their first season together if the goal of a championship is not realized. It took years for Dirk Nowitzki to develop into the player he is today, one that can lead his team to a championship, but many can’t see that possibility for LeBron with his numerous fourth quarter failures. Aside from all the doubters, Scoop Jackson believes the Miami Heat will once again represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals this season, and that they will face off against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder out of the West.

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