“Double Trouble” in the Birdgang Defense

As the Arizona Cardinals took on the Detroit Lions in week 2, one of their focuses was to strengthen their defense backfield. Patrick Peterson, who is in his 3rd year in the league, has already made a name for himself with his ball hawking defense, punt return prowess and is now becoming a threat on the offensive side of the ball. Peterson received a hand-off which lead to a scramble and he ended up throwing a 17 yard pass to Kerry Taylor, proving that his talents are limitless.

Next up is rookie Tyrann Mathieu, a 3rd round draft pick out of Louisiana State University. Mathieu continues to be impressive with his hard work ethic and hustle. He made a game-sealing tackle in the fourth quarter preventing the Lions to advance for better field position and a chance for the game winning FG.

Together they have a strong connection which can easily be seen as a big/little brother relationship. Peterson, who also attended LSU has taken Mathieu under his wing and believes the sky is the limit for the rookie sensation. With Mathieu at Safety and Peterson at the Cornerback position, the Cardinals have a strong, young and very talented core for years to come. Double Trouble~01 Photo by Mike Yduarte / AzBirdgangCrew

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