Denver Broncos’ Wives with A-Mays-ing Style

Pro Player Insider LaToyia Mays takes her monthly A-Mays-ing Style column to Neiman Marcus.

When we think of “Athlete WAGs” (wives and girlfriends), we usually envision pretty faced housewives who sit home and cook and clean for their athletes and support them at games, usually without a clue of what is really going on. It’s a stereotype, yes. Nonetheless, it is out there.

Denver Broncos wife LaToyia Mays puts that stereotype aside. Sure, she is stunning and elegant, but she is more than just a pretty face. She is a lending hand to husband Broncos linebacker Joe Mays, who still makes time for her own dreams.

She is a children’s clothing designer, a stylist, a sports writer, and an artist. She is the primary success behind a local fashion show, which showcased this season’s hottest trends, while bringing together many women who would have likely otherwise not met.

“It can be especially hard for the wives of athletes that are new to Denver to make new girlfriends,” says Judianne Atencio, PR representative for Joe Mays and several other NFL players.

Mays took it upon herself to make it not so hard. Ariana Horry (girlfriend of Broncos safety Mike Adams), Devyn Porter (wife of Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter), Claire Copsey (girlfriend of Broncos linebacker Mike Mohamed), Brandi Ayers (wife of Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers), Leah Harris (wife of Broncos cornerback Chris Harris), Sherri Gonzales (mother of Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams), and Corey Cogdell (Olympic trap shooter and girlfriend of Broncos defensive tackle Mitch Unrein) joined LaToyia Mays in a fashion show at Neiman Marcus October 19 at 9 A.M. The clothes were Broncos-themed, seeing lots of blue and popular season color, orange. Getting all these women together for a good cause added to the success and likability of Mays and the community.


Behind her success is a lifetime of fashion. Mays graduated from Chicago State University with a fashion merchandising degree and hands on experience with making and designing clothes. She says that she is all about color, uniqueness, prints, and layering. Her kids are her biggest inspiration and motivation when it comes to designing clothes.

“They’re wacky, just like me,” she says.

Author: Jennifer Korszun
Contributions made by LaToyia Mays

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