Day Three AFC West & AFC North 2014 NFL Draft Recap

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#107 Raiders Justin Ellis   DT

His size suggest that he might be stiff and not very athletic at 6-foot-1, 334-pounds, but he actually has outstanding movement skills. Ellis will likely play NT in the Raiders defensive scheme and will be looked upon to command double teams.

#116 Raiders Keith McGill   CB

McGill is a 6-foot-3, 211-pound cornerback who will be 25-years-old at the start of the NFL season. He has some character concerns but the Raiders had some problems in their secondary last year that they are desperate to fix. They will look to McGill to contribute early.

#219 Raiders Travis Carrie   CB

Carrie is a very underrated player who did not get the respect he deserved throughout the pre-draft circuit. He has very fluid hips, good pass run recognition, solid tackler and excellent ball skills. Raiders might have gotten a steal here.

#235 Raiders Shelby Harris   DE

Harris will attempt to make the team giving the Raiders depth as a five-technique. He’s rather explosive at his size and seems to be stout at the point of attack though it’s difficult to judge considering his level of competition at the division-two level.

#247  Raiders Jonathan Dowling   SS

Dowling is more of a classic in-the-box safety, but has shown enough range to drop back in zones and locate the football. Before transferring to Western Kentucky University Dowling played special teams at the University of Florida and he will look to make the Raiders team by excelling in this area.


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#165 Chargers Ryan Carrethers   NT

Carrethers has weight-room strength as well as functional strength as he has proven to be very strong at the point of attack. Known as a hard worker and a leader, Carrethers has traits that might very well assist him in making the Chargers football team. Carrethers figures to be a zero-technique in the Chargers defensive scheme.

#201 Chargers Marion Grice   RB

Grice is one of the better running backs in the 2014 class and would’ve gone at least two rounds higher had he remained healthy and able to workout for NFL teams. Grice has outstanding vision and cutback ability and he’s also extremely versatile as he catches the football as well as almost any wide receiver in the 2014 NFL draft. I’m a huge fan of his game and I look for him to receive quality snaps for the Chargers very soon. Grice has the potential to become a starter in the NFL. Chargers got a steal here.

#240 Chargers Tevin Reese    WR

Reese also has starting potential and could become a big-play threat for the Chargers.  Look for him to get early reps. in the slot especially if he can learn to read leverage and adjusts his routes accordingly. Reese has very good hands as well as an insatiable work ethic. I look for him to make the Chargers team and compete for playing time  very soon



#124 Chiefs De’Anthony Thomas   RB

With the loss of Dexter McCluster in free agency, it was only  right that the Chiefs replace him with De’Anthony Thomas who has a very similar skill set compared to McCluster. Thomas is a versatile athlete that can give quality snaps as a running back as well as a receiver all while helping in the return game. It is my hope the Chiefs do not attempt to make Thomas play strictly wide receiver as he is not that. He is indeed a hybrid running back/ wide receiver and should be utilized as such.

#163 Chiefs Aaron Murray   QB

Murray will be the young quarterback that will come in and be tutored by coach Andy Reid and mentored by Alex Smith. Murray is a mere backup at this point and will not see playing time this year but in time, he will be the Chief’s insurance policy should something happen to Smith.

#193  Chiefs Zach Fulton   OG

Fulton has a physical imposing frame at 6-foot-5, 316-pounds, but does not play with the power that his size would suggest he should play with. Additionally Fulton does not have good movement skills which makes it difficult for him to redirect as well as get blocks in the second level. What Fulton has going for him is that by all accounts he is very coachable and is very hardworking.  Hopefully the aforementioned traits will enable him to make the Chiefs’ team.

#200 Chiefs Laurent Duvernay-Tardif   OT

Duvernay-Tardif is clearly a pick based on potential and measurables. Duvernay-Tardif is out from Canada but got the opportunity to play in the East-West Shrine game and proved rather quickly that he could compete with some of the premier talent in division-one college football. As a result of his athleticism, it is very possible he makes the Chiefs final roster.


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#156 Broncos Lamin Barrow   OLB

Barrow is a very athletic linebacker who will need to be kept clean by his defensive lineman in order to have an impact at the next level. Barrow is undersized and lacks instincts to be an instant contributor but he could very well make his presence felt on special teams.

#207 Broncos Matthew Paradis   C

While Paradis lacks ideal size at the center position at just 6-foot-3, 306-pounds, the Broncos found themselves a solid player who has the ability to make the Broncos’ final roster. He’s very intelligent and once he learns how to anchor and sink his hips at the point of attack so larger defenders don’t overwhelm him, he might play in the NFL for a very long time.

#242 Broncos Corey Nelson   OLB

The Broncos take another run-and-chase linebacker but Nelson has very good instincts and would’ve likely gone higher had he not been injured for a large portion of the 2013 season. Nelson always seems to be around the football and you can never have enough defensive players like that. If he can remain healthy he will be in the running to make the Broncos final roster.




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#127 Browns Pierre Desir   CB

Had the Browns selected only one cornerback in the 2014 NFL draft, Desir would’ve been more than enough. With Haden firmly intrenched as the field corner, Desir could’ve certainly played the boundary. The Browns traded down to select cornerback Justing Gilbert in the first round instead of selecting Sammy Watkins with their fourth No.4 pick. In hindsight, the Browns could’ve had Watkins, Manziel, Bitonio and Desir. Desir is going to be very good and he’s capable of almost everything Gilbert is capable of, but missing out on Sammy Watkins may very well hurt this franchise.


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#118 Steelers Martavis Bryant   WR

Bryant could’ve used one more year of college to become a more consistent player. Instead, Bryant opted for the 2014 NFL draft and when a guy can run 4.42 in the 40-yard dash at 6-foot-4, 211-pounds, how can you blame him. Bryant has the height and speed NFL GMs salivate over at the wide receiver position, but he must overcome concentration lapses that resulted in dropped passes as well as route running. It is very possible that Bryant becomes a special player for the Steelers, he has the ability to become a starter.

#157 Steelers Shaquille Richardson   CB

Richardson is a top notch athlete who frankly did not receive enough attention during the pre-draft process. His game against Oregon this past season was one of the better games I saw from a PAC-12 defensive back during the 2013 season which he finished with an interception against Marcus Mariota. The Steelers got themselves a very good player in Shaquille Richardson.

#173 Steelers Wesley Johnson   OT

Johnson is a natural athlete who is extremely hardworking . He’s proven to be very versatile as he’s lined up all across the offensive line at Vanderbilt and has performed admirably at each position. Johnson is not very strong at the point of attack and should consider adding a  little more weight.

#192 Steelers Jordan Zumwalt   ILB

Zumwalt is a guy that has played each linebacker position in a 3-4 front and his intensity makes him a very nice fit for the Steelers. He is a high-energy player who plays with reckless abandon. Look for Zumwalt to contribute on special teams at minimum.

#215 Steelers Daniel McCullers    NT

McCullers enters the NFL as a two-down zero-technique who will clog up rushing lanes in the AFC North. At 6-foot-7, 352-pounds, McCullers carries his pads well and plays with very good pad level but which enables him to consistently get movement up front despite being 6-foot-7. McCullers likely should’ve been taken higher in this draft but he fell to the Steelers in round six and they happily took him.

#230 Steelers Rob Blanchflower   TE

Blanchflower is a traditional tight end who has some pass-catching skill and is also an outstanding blocker. He does not possess the athleticism to constantly threaten the seam but he could sneak down the middle of the field and compete for the football on occasion. I look for Blanchflower to compete to make the roster by making a good impression on special teams.


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#134 Ravens Brent Urban   DT

At 6-foot-7, 295-pounds, Urban is a five-technique who could make the Ravens’ roster as he is stout at the point of attack and has the versatility to bump down inside and shoot gaps as a three-technique on passing downs.

#138 Ravens Lorenzo Taliaferro   RB

Do you know what to think whenever there’s a hard-nosed running back who has a knack for picking up the tough yards goes this late in the draft? You guessed it; his primary function is to serve as an additional camp body and to contribute on special teams. Taliaferro will have to be a standout on special teams to make the Ravens’ team.

#175 Ravens John Urschel   OG

Urschel is one of my players in the draft. He plays with good knee bend and moves extremely as he’s shown he’s capable of getting blocks at the second level of defenses. With that said, he’s not the strongest player at the position as he does give ground to larger defenders. While he’s in love with academia and has interests outside of the game of football, certainly has an affinity for the game and hope to play until his body no longer permits.

#194 Ravens Keith Wenning   QB

Wenning is a guy that doesn’t have a big strong arm but he is very savvy in terms of scanning the field and getting the ball out of his hands at the top of his drops. Wenning could very well make the Ravens’ team as their third quarterback.

#218 Ravens Mike Campanaro   WR

Campanaro was rather productive at Wakeforest and tested out better than many anticipated at the NFL combine. Campanaro reads leverage well and is able to adjust his routes accordingly. Campanaro is also very tough and it’s a good thing he is, because he will have to earn his keep competing on special teams.


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#111 Bengals Russell Bodine   C

Bodine is a versatile player who has performed admirable at both guard spots and will likely play guard at the next level. He’s very strong and delivers a very good punch in pass protection. He will need to work on getting into his sets more quickly and at this moment he struggles to redirect. He could become a rotational player but will need to work on his technique in pass protection.

#164 Bengals AJ McCarron   QB

McCarron was a polarizing selection for the Bengals due to the scrutiny Andy Dalton endured following their early post-season exit. Dalton has been widely criticized for his inability to exploit all areas of the football field as a result of a perceived lack of arm strength. McCarron does not give the Bengals a strong arm at the quarterback position, but they said during the combine that they would likely select one to develop and … they did.

#212 Bengals Marquis Flowers OLB

Flowers is likely one of my favorite Bengals’ draft picks. The Benglas had a lot of success playing Taylor Mays at outside linebacker prior to his injury and now with the selection of Flowers, they bring in a more physical version of Mays who is just as athletic. Flowers also excels in coverage as he had a lot of success one-on-one against some of the faster receivers and running backs in the PAC 12. Flowers was told Bengals coaching staff that he will first have to prove his worth on special teams and my guess is he will do just that.

# 239 Bengals James Wright WR

Wright didn’t get much playing time at LSU with Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry in front of him, but he is a tremendous athlete who will be a camp body and have a chance to impress on special teams.

#252 Bengals Lavelle Westbrook CB

Westbrook is a physical corner but needs to improve significantly on his footwork. Westbrook doesn’t track the ball well at this point and he might be better served as a safety.

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