David Steele Breaks Down the Ravens Patriots Game

With the two AFC powerhouses going head to head, this week Dave Zirin on Edge of Sports talks with David Steele, writer for the Sporting News, about the previous Ravens and Patriots game. These are two teams that have had two totally different types of seasons. The Ravens were a strong defensive power that has held their opponents to under 300-yards pergame this season. The Patriots, with the explosive play of Tom Brady and star tight end Rob Gronkowski, have been a force not to be reckoned with. The Patriots offense was ranked 3rd in the NFL this season with 32.1 points per game.

Steele speaks his opinion about what he thinks about the new rule changes about defenseless players and how this could result in the increased play of the Patriots tight ends across the middle of the field.

With the comments made by Ed Reed about his quarterback, Joe Flacco, in the previous game against the Texans, saying that he was “rattled,” Steele speaks on what he thinks about the divide between the defense and offense on this Ravens team for the past ten years.

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