Danny’s Sunday Super Seven – Week 3

Week three is now in the books and the number of undefeated teams is down to three: Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs. A potential playoff team lost its starting Quarterback, two teams debuted rookie signal callers, and Patrick Mahomes II has thrown another touchdown pass as I’m writing this article. So for those who missed what happened during Sunday’s games, let me take you back and catch you up on what went on.

7. Blake Bortles went Blake Bortles against Tennessee

One week after playing one of his best games of his career against the New England Patriots, Blake Bortles entered the game against the Tennessee Titans ready to continue his excellent play. The Jaguars defense knocked out Blaine Gabbert and forced an injured Marcus Mariotta to finish the game not being able to throw the ball deep down the field. Everything was set for Bortles to have a big day against Tennessee.

After scoring 31 against the Patriots a week ago, this week Bortles went a pedestrian 21-34 for a measly 155 yards and the Jags couldn’t get a single touchdown. You can’t say that Leonard Fournette not playing was the issue, because he didn’t play last week either. What you can say is that Bortles averaged 4.5 yards per pass attempt and 7.3 yards per completion. You can’t win games with your Quarterback putting up numbers like that, especially when only rushing for 87 yards as a team.

6. Drew Brees with the Madden Spin move to force overtime against Atlanta

5. Another week and Another Interesting Situation in Arizona.

Everything was going well in Arizona on Sunday. The Cardinals were winning at halftime, David Johnson scored a touchdown, and the offense was moving the ball against the Bears defense. Then the second half happened and the Bears woke up out of hibernation. The defense led by All-Pro Kahil Mack, forced three turnovers and the Cardinals couldn’t move the ball at all with Quarterback Sam Bradford at the helm.

After a lost fumble by Bradford in the 4th quarter, Arizona Head Coach, Steve Wilks, decided to bring in rookie Quarterback, Josh Rosen, into a very winnable two point game with less than five minutes to play. Most rookies have at least a chance to start the game or get in the game due to an injury as a Quarterback, but it’s a strange call to bring in a cold rookie into a game against one of the most feared pass rushing defenses in the league. Rosen proceeded to throw an interception and was sacked on fourth down in his two series as the Cardinals lost to Chicago 16-14. Now I’m all for letting young players get their chance to play, but when he’s cold and it’s against a defense that has been making plays all season long against some of the best Quarterbacks in the league, letting him attempt to make a fourth quarter comeback in his first game of his career isn’t the best idea.

4.Who Would Have Guessed This?

The #Redskins have allowed 44 points through three weeks. Only the 3-0 Rams have yielded fewer. (Tied with Jaguars for second best in football).

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) September 23, 2018

3. How much does Jon Gruden miss Khail Mack?

Did anyone expect the Chicago Bears to be one Aaron Rodgers comeback away, from being undefeated? I didn’t and I’m sure that Jon Gruden didn’t think the same thing either. When he decided to trade Khail Mack to Chicago and acquired two 1st round picks in the trade, he was expecting to have a high draft choice in the upcoming draft. Mack, who missed most all of training camp in a contract dispute before the trade, has come into Chicago and has helped a defense that was already good become almost elite in three games.

One of the best overall players in the game, Mack has played limited snaps as he’s working himself into shape. But when he has played he’s been a force. Mack has had four sacks, an interception, and 12 solo tackles so far this season. In comparison, the Raiders as a team has only three sacks total and an interception in three games.

2.Welcome to the NFL, Josh Allen


1.Who’s more impressive offensively? The Rams or The Chiefs?

I know it’s three weeks into the season, but am I the only one in America that can’t wait for November 19th’s matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football? At the way both teams are trending, both teams might end up scoring 40 points a piece. The Rams have scored over 33 points in each of their first three games and have one of the most balanced attacks in the entire NFL. Todd Gurley has either ran for 100 yards or scored multiple touchdowns in each game this season. Jared Goff has thrown for six touchdowns and four different Rams have caught touchdowns.

With all of the attention that Patrick Mahomes II has received so far this season, has anyone noticed that Kareem Hunt hasn’t had a 80 yard rushing game so far (Don’t worry he will have a few before the season is over). Kansas City has scored 38, 42 and 38 points in their three wins this season and have used just about everyone who can touch the ball on offense to do so. In his six touchdown passing game against Pittsburgh, Mahomes found five different receivers for touchdowns.

Who knows if both teams will continue at this pace but if they do, that Monday Night in Los Angeles could be the highest scoring game of the season.

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