Cutler Picking Up the Tab

Jay Cutler had his favorite target back on Monday Night, and he was so happy that he’s volunteered to pick up the tab for Earl Bennett.  Unfortunately, it’s a little more than a round of drinks, as Bennett was fined $5,000 for a uniform violation.

On Monday night’s victory over the Eagles, the Bears looked like the team that won the NFC North last year (yes – don’t forget, it wasn’t the Packers or the Lions last year).  Their offensive line played better, not giving up a sack for the first time this year, but the other big difference was the return of wide receiver Earl Bennett who was out since week two with a torso injury.

Bennett caught five passes for 95 yards on Monday.  Cutler and Bennet played together for one season at Vanderbilt and seem to have great QB-WR chemistry.

Bennett told ESPN 1000′s “Football Night in Chicago Show” that his teammates warned him about potentially getting fined for wearing orange cleats on Monday.

“(They told me) you know you’re going to get fined, right?” Bennett said. “I said ‘yeah, I haven’t played in a while so I might as well just take this one.’ ”

“They were too orange I guess.”

When word of the $5,000 fine came out, Cutler replied, “Yeah, I’ll pick up the tab. Why not?”

That’s taking care of the hands that take care of you.  Let’s hope, for Cutler’s wallet, that his offensive line doesn’t decide to make a fashion statement next weekend.

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