Critics Believe That the Seahawks are an Average Team

Seattle- The Seattle Seahawks, who thumped the Atlanta Falcons in the first half of their game on Sunday, are receiving a lot of backlash for letting Atlanta get back into the game in the second half, and almost losing.  The Seahawks went on to win the game 27-20, but what got the critics chirping was the lackadaisical playcalling on the offensive side of the ball, and the miscommunication in the secondary of their defense. The Seahawks were trying to run the ball down the Falcons’ throat with a mixture of Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny; both players combined for 145 yards on the ground, but penalties halted potential drives.


Each week it seems like the Seahawks start off slow in the first half and play better in the second half, but against the Falcons they jumped up 24-0 before the half and only scored a field goal in the second half. Their defense came up big in the fourth quarter to stop a potential game-tying drive. Despite the 6-2 record, critics are saying that the Seahawks are just an average team beating up on teams that are below .500. The Seahawks wins came from teams that have a combined record of 13-31-1 and their only true test came against an inconsistent Rams team that is 5-3.

Seattle has been praised as a team that can get it done in the 4th quarter because they have a dangerous guy in Russell Wilson, who has been the fourth quarter king in his career. However, how many times does Wilson have to pull the Seahawks out of a ditch, before they sink? During the second half of the stretch, the Seahawks will face teams that have a combined record of 38-20-1. With some of the teams that they will play in the upcoming weeks, their defense has to show up. They have been brutally beaten on one on one plays and that has led to big plays down the field for their opponents. 

Some critics have felt that the Seahawks could go 10-6 and be a wildcard team, but in the state of Washington many fans feel like the Seahawks are killing themselves with not paying attention to the little details early on in the season. Too many turnovers and not converting on third and short have made game planning difficult. It will be interesting to see if the Seahawks can close out the second half of the season without making the minor mental mistakes that could potentially cost them games, as well as a playoff spot.

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