Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown Will Be Cheering for the Giants

Yvette Nicole Brown, the actress starring as Shirley Bennett the devoted Christian and recent divorcee’ on the NBC comedy series Community, told Pro Player Insiders she will be watching the Super Bowl at home on the big screen.  She not only acts on the Community, but also many other comedy sitcoms and movies. Brown is a proud Browns fan being from East Cleveland Ohio. She will be cheering for the Giants but made it clear she was disappointed her team didn’t make the playoffs.

PPI:  What are some charitable endeavors that you are involved in?

YNB:  You know, I’m a part of this great thing called Lollipop Theatre. It’s a company that brings first world entertainment to kids that are in a hospital. While the kids are doing treatments they’re also going to school, they’ve also seen Harry Potter and Twilight, so it’s not like they’re missing out on their childhood or the touchstones of their childhood. Ive had been taking part in that. It’s hard though, because you see them and the babies are not well. It’s a difficult charity, but it’s a worthwhile charity.

PPI:  So the Super Bowl is coming up, do you have two players that you follow?

YNB: I have a team, I love the Browns.

PPI:  For what reasons?

YNB: I’m from Cleveland and my last name is Brown. So I’m a Cleveland Brown, its like my birth right to root for them. And they’re out of the play offs and the Super Bowl, I don’t want to talk about it, but that’s my favorite team.

PPI:  Do you have an actor or actress friends that are super into football? Who are they and what team do they root for?

YNB: Yes. Sherry Sheppard is really into football because her husband is into it. I don’t know their team, but I want to say it’s the Saints, I believe that’s their team, um that sounds right.

PPI: what are you going to do Super Bowl Sunday?

YNB: I’m going to watching, I watch every year, I love the commercials. I started out in commercials, but the game is like my commercials. So I watch the game as my version of the commercials and the commercials as my version of the game.

Brown was at the NFLPA’s Pulse Award in LA where she helped celebrate the charitable endeavors and leadership of NFL players.

Sierra Rodgers and Theresa Villano contributed to this story.

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