Christmas Wishes for NFL Players

What do you get for the man who has everything?  We thought we’d help Santa out this season with a list of gifts we’d like to give to some players around the National Football League.  NFL players may draw in big salaries, but the gifts we have in mind are for things that money just can’t buy.  Perhaps Santa and his elves can work a little magic for these NFL stars:

For Larry Fitzgerald, a quarterback… Specifically, one who can get him the ball.  Arguably the most talented receiver in the NFL deserves a QB who can put the ball in his hands without bouncing it first.

For Adrian Peterson, a passing game… Peterson is the best back in the NFL, and the Vikings have the worst passing game in the league (yes – number 32).  Peterson’s 1812 yards with 2 games to go is even more amazing considering that defenses don’t have to play the pass and put virtually everybody in the box to stop him.  If he can’t get a passing game, how about at least an MVP award?

Aaron-Rodgers 2 350x350For Aaron Rodgers, some protection…  And I’m not talking about condoms.  Rodgers leads the league in sacks with 45, 20 more than any of the other elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

For Wes Welker, a multi-year contract…. And a little respect for being one of the top receivers in the game.  Just because he isn’t built like Fitzgerald or Megatron doesn’t mean he can’t get open and move the chains, as he has shown while catching 100+ balls virtually every year.

For JJ Watt, some XXXL gloves… To protect those massive paws that he uses to knock balls out of the air.  Batted balls isn’t an official NFL statistic, but Watt would have crushed the NFL record this year.

For Alex Smith, a starting job… After being benched with the second best passer rating in the NFL, Smith has proven that he deserves an opportunity to start.  It’s sad to think, after everything he’s gone through in SF, that he might have completed 25 of his last 27 passes as a 49er and still lost his job.

For Tim Tebow, a new home… Where he has a chance to be more than a sideshow and can at least honestly compete for a starting job.

For the QB Class of 2011, Dinner with the Class of 1983… The Class of ’83 produced three Hall of Famers, but Elway was the only one who brought home a Lombardi Trophy.  Jim Kelly and Dan Marino were a combined 0-5 in the Big Game, and Elway lost three before bringing home the trophy.  I’m sure all three have words of wisdom for Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson.

For Tom Brady, a Manning Brothers Dart Board…  Brady has lost two Super Bowls to Eli and one AFC Championship game to Peyton.  While he has won three Super Bowls, if Archie’s boys weren’t in the league he might have 5 or 6 by now and surpassed four time winners like Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

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