Chic NFL Gameday Handbags From Bella Artistry

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To be chic or to not be chic, that is the question. This week I got the opportunity to pick the brain of Leah Miller, the founder of Bella Artistry.  Best known for the custom designed apparel worn by football lovers, especially NFL wives it was only fitting that she come to the rescue,  after the league instituted its new bag rule.

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If you’re not familiar with Roger Goodell and his war on women’s fashion via the “Be Clear” campaign outlining the 2013 Gameday Bag Rules, I strongly suggest you get caught up. The hardest part of this ruling is that for women, our purse is not merely only for fashion but for function, providing privacy for things not meant to be shared with the world. This new rule reduces us to carrying Ziploc bags or clear bags, clear totes that are sold out on, or small clutch bags “approximately the size of the hand”. Now look in your closet ladies and tell me how many chic versions of the before mentioned do you own?

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Luckily, we have Leah Miller and her Bella Artistry team on the job making a way for us to still enjoy the game in style.

PPI: What was the inspiration for your new line of custom handbags?

Leah Miller: Necessity, after a client informed of the new handbag ruling and looking into it I knew there was a fashion need to be met.

PPI: After seeing the restrictions placed by the NFL on bag size and design, what was the hardest part of keeping the bags fashionable?

Leah Miller: The hardest part was finding the correct size and dimensions (12”x6”x12”) in bulk. Keeping them chic was the easy part, Bella Artistry is known for its chic and unique designs.

PPI: Since the NFL has developed a tote that fits “their” safety requirements, how do your bags differ?

Leah Miller:  Well I have actually customized some of the NFL bags for clients who purchased them but wanted to add their own personal flair to them, be it a team logo, name, or even Swarovski Crystals. However, you can tell the difference between a Bella Artistry bag and one from the NFL Shop easily.

PPI: Do the custom bags from Bella Artistry come in different shapes?

Leah Miller: The most popular shapes have been that of the Hermes Birkin bag and the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.

PPI: Finally, now that the regular season is underway, can you tell fans what team has been the most requested?

Leah Miller: So far the Rams have surprisingly been the most requested followed by the Cowboys and Steelers.

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To order your custom bag from Bella Artistry visit them at, though this is her busy season Leah says the turn around time is about 14 days to receive your very own custom bag. Also, when you get your bag let us know via twitter,  share your gameday picture  @PlayerInsiders

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