Chemistry Holds Kyle Busch Together

When you look across different sports, what is one thing all sports teams have within the team which makes the team successful.  It is not the thing of them all being the same size, because we all know teams consist of players built in many ways.  It is also not the number of years a player has been in the league where the veterans have the success and the rookie are bench warmers – look at Andruw Jones.  He was a rookie in 1996 for the Atlanta Braves, but when he homered in the World Series that year, he became the youngest player to home in the postseason.

So what is it that makes a team successful?  One word:


Chemistry is the glue that holds the team together and allows for success.  Chemistry is also a factor in a NASCAR team, as the pit crew has to hit their marks when the car pits and the spotter has to make the correct calls for the driver.  Plus, one of the most important factors of chemistry is the bond between the driver and the crew chief.  This bond translates to success.

Look at Jeff Gordon, when Ray Evernham was his crew chief, what was the result:  race wins and championships, which equal success.

Look at Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus being his crew chief and what is the result:  race wins and championships, which equal success.

Now look at the recent surge by Kyle Busch, what is his chemistry?  Well, it has to be rookie crew chief Adam Stevens.  In his first year being a Sprint Cup Series crew chief, Stevens needed to develop the chemistry in the Cup Series with Busch immediately, however, with Busch missing the first 11 races of the year with injuries, Stevens had to plan through other drivers, what he would do when Busch returned.Photo Courtesy @nascarovernewz

Stevens had been crew chief for Busch in the Xfinity Series for the past two years, but the Cup Series is different.  However, Stevens worked hard and led while Busch was on the sidelines and Busch saw that from afar and knew once he was able to return to competition, everything would be fine.

“He’s obviously a great leader of this team,” Busch said. “I love him to death. He’s doing a really good job, and obviously we’re having fun doing what we’re doing.”

Stevens felt the same knowing once Busch returned, it would be fine.  Why though is that chemistry there and allows for the team to succeed with Busch winning three races in a row?  Stevens sums it up perfectly

“We just have a tremendous amount of respect for each other, and we approach racing and race cars in general the same way.”

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