Chef Plum’s Top 5 Game-day Condiments

I believe when it comes to awesome gridiron grub the options are a plenty. Sausages, burgers, dogs, all great choices but they all have something in common, one of those few chances in life to indulge in condiments! Sausage is great but what is it without good mustard? Burgers are great but even better with ketchup, and hot dogs, whats a hot dog without relish or chilli? Here are my top five game-day condiments that can even get the worst turnover ratio back on the positive side.

  1. Blue Cheese dressing: You love this mainstay on wings (I am not on the Ranch team) but try a good blue cheese on a nice spicy burger, it is to die for.
  2. Beer Mustard: This is one of the best things you can get and so versatile! Try it on dogs and of course sausage, but try mixing this with a little melted butter and serve it over pork chops! Three dishes one condiment!
  3. Salsa: Do I need to say more? Who does not love chips and salsa? But try serving it over some grilled chicken, or melt some jack cheese on a burger and top it with salsa. (its the little things folks)
  4. Ketchup: Not a cop-out I promise, so many uses. Add some canned chipolte to make it spicy, maybe a little bourbon and brown sugar to kick up those fries.
  5. BBQ sauce: SSSooo simple right? But try making you grilled foods with a Carolina style sauce (more vinegar less tomato) Change up your BBQ but adding some crushed mango, or cilantro and lime.

Just a few ideas to get your game day routines, not so routine, let me know how it goes for you on twitter @chef_plum and in the meantime check out this video on grilling burgers!

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