Charger’s Player Knows Back to Football, Means Back to School

Outside linebacker, Devan Walker has been encouraging leaders on and off the field this year. His unique leadership capability, along with an inspirational spirit, are qualities San Diego residents have already noticed in Walker as a young player.

Despite being looked at as a rookie, Devan Walker is a force that will be recognized with the San Diego Chargers; he has the ability to adapt to different defensive zones. He has a high IQ with extensive  football knowledge, and is determined to make his mark on the field; off the field he is a very grateful and humble person that is enjoying every moment of his career.

devan walker
Devan Walker #48

Walker just under went meniscus surgery and was placed on injured reserve  alongside fellow linebackers Melvin Ingram (Physically Unable to Perform list) and Jonas Mouton (IR), both of whom suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in practice sometime since May. Although, this may seem like a set back, Walker will do whatever it takes to get healthy and contribute to this team. In his short time at camp he proved to be a great fit for the San Diego Chargers. With his hard work and dedication, Devan is still moving full steam ahead post surgery. Walker is back in his hometown of Baton Rouge, already weightlifting, sprinting, and cutting in hopes that the Chargers bring him back as early as week 7.

Another defensive asset,that Pro Player Insiders followed leading into the start of the season was Darrell Stuckey. He is the type of player that plays smart and uses adversity to motivate him into a complete player. He stepped up in 2012 to be a notable special teamer in the NFL. Complimenting his on the field skills, Stuckey is a positive person and passionate about community work. Not only did he support English’s Camp with Walker but Pro Player Insiders came out to his Kansas City youth camp. See our story HERE.


We recognized , outside of football, both of these players use their leadership skills to help encourage the youth. Mentoring young people is something that both players are very passionate about. Here is a quick interview that captures just that”

Theresa Villano of Pro Player Insiders had the opportunity to speak with both of these Chargers players at the L.E.A.D foundation camp .

PPI: What are you doing here today at English’s Camp?

Devan Walker: I am out here seeing the competition and being a supporter and showing love. For more on the Larry English LEAD Foundation events and efforts year round, follow Charger’s #52 @LarryEnglish52 @LEADfoundation and visit

Darrell Stuckey: I just want to give back to the community, when Larry asked me to come out here, I could not turn away from this opportunity. I love to give back in a positive way.

PPI: What have you learned from Larry being here in a short period of time?

DW: I have learned to pay attention to the small details, having a good work ethic, and just trying to learn from the best.

PPI: Who have you hung out with or played video games with?

DW: Frank Beltre. I have just a few in my circle who I hang with and look out for each other.

PPI: When you were younger did you have the opportunity to attend any football camps?

DS: Not at all, I attended more so college camps. It is pretty awesome to see the youth get to go to these types of camps and meet professional players.

PPI: Have their been any role models that you look up to?

DS: There had been many people inside my family that I looked up to, but outside of that not a professional directly. It is big for the kids to come meet us outside of just playing football and your mentor could come from a person that you look up to which is amazing.

Devan truly values education and he realizes “Back to Football” also means students getting “Back to School.” With this in mind Walker recently posted a personal message to San Diego students about the importance of perfect attendance. Check it out:

Hey Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA) and Bolt fans!  My name is Devan Walker, and I am a rookie linebacker for the San Diego Chargers.

As I went into training camp, I was reminded that with the start of football season comes the start of a new school year. With this in mind, I just wanted to remind GPA and San Diego students about the importance of Perfect attendance! I wouldn’t be wearing an NFL jersey today if I didn’t make sure to be at school without missing a day. You may think I have it all as a rookie professional athlete, but going to school and college at Southeastern Louisiana built my future. I have dreams after I play football too.

Your future is riding on your success, and if you don’t become a high school graduate, you’re denying yourself an opportunity we have here in America. On the field, one missed practice or play can cost us a win.

Get up and go to school every morning and work hard while you’re there. A high school diploma can provide you with opportunity, and a college degree can put you closer to achieving your dreams.

As I head to Chargers Training camp, I will keep chasing my dreams.

So…San Diego and Gompers Prep Academy: WAKE up, BOLT up and get your head in the game to tackle your dreams. I challenge you to not to miss a day of school! I’m rooting for you.

Good Luck,
Devan Walker #48


Devan’s upstanding character will truly be missed in San Diego but his work continues as he is currently inspiring the youth in the community where he grew up (Baton Rouge) while he rehabs.Stay tuned for the latest on Walker’s recovery by following him @Devan_8. 


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–Martin Fischman at Pro Sports, Inc contributed to this story.


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