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What up guys its Chef Plum coming back like Russel Wilson,… uhm wait that did not end well,

What up guys its Chef Plum coming back like Matt Schaub,..uhm yea that did not work either..


Hang on I got it..


What up guys its Chef Plum coming back like Matt Ryan for this weeks game day grub!


What a week of ball, there was not a bad game at all, and for all you stat freaks out there let me just put some crazy numbers on you.


Explosive plays are considered passes for more than 20 yards and runs that go for at least ten, as are kickoff returns of 40 or more yards and punt returns of 20 or more yards. Interception returns over 20 yards are also considered explosive plays


Divisional weekend gave us and unprecedented 64 explosive plays or 16 per game, that’s nuts!

(Thank you Mr. Pat Kirwan for your unbelievable knowledge)


Colin Kaepernick, that dude has an “S” under his jersey, he had 181 yards rushing on 16 carries by himself. I have seen some Browns games that the entire offense can’t get that many yards. (sorry cheap shot I know)


If you got up to get a beer or a chicken leg you absolutely missed something, and should hire some catering servers and a bartender for this weekend because I don’t think its gonna stop. Make sure you try to watch the line battles in the trenches this week particularly in the Pats Ravens game because its gonna be ugly.


Championship weekend is here and for that we need food that is money, we need food that can be easily made with confidence and swag. Food that is so delicious and so cool that it alone could have a party and not even invite us because we are not cool enough.


We need Oven Roasted Sirloin!sirloin-steak-caramelized-onions-mushrooms-recipe 350x350


Honestly this is a easy dish loaded with options, if its just two of you get a smaller piece of meat if it more…..yup you got it get a bigger piece. Any local butcher or giant grocery store has this, and ask the guy behind the counter to cut a fresh one for you that’s what he is there for.


You ready? Lets make awesomeness!


Ingredients yield 3-4 portions


Sirloin roast

Salt and pepper

2 cloves of garlic

1tbls chopped rosemary (use fresh don’t be cheap and use dry from a container)

1 full thin sliced onion

5-10 mushrooms (pending on how much you like mushrooms)

½ cup white wine (deglaze the pan with after you saute)

A little butter for sauce

As always we can cook together if you follow the video on the page, just you and me enjoying some quality time.

How to Cook Sirloin Roast — powered by ehow



Here we go!


  1. WASH YOUR HANDS YOU FILTHY ANIMAL you want to be a champion then you have to cook like a champion, and champions wash there hands.
  2. Slice your mushrooms and onion and set aside, mince the fresh garlic and the fresh rosemary. Now if its not perfectly minced I am not gonna be mad at you just try, *not to mention will look cook while doing it so make sure someone is in the room to see you do it.
  3. Season your steak with salt and pepper, you don’t need and fancy seasoning here just salt and pepper. * Again you can look cool while doing this by having a good amount of salt in your hand and sprinkle liberally from a height of 15-20 inches above the meat with your head tilted slightly sideways and bent a little at the waste. **Make sure someone sees you doing this or you will feel dumb.
  4. Get your pan nice and hot with small whisps of smoke coming off the pan and a little oil, carefully place the meat into the pan, if the pan does not sound like a very angry king cobra then it was not hot enough. Allow it to sear on the both sides, *DO NOT PLAY WITH YOUR MEAT. Flip it once
  5. Once meat is flipped add the onions mushrooms garlic and herbs, once the meat has browned remove it and add it to the roasting container leaving all the other stuff in the pan.
  6. Pour in the wine and allow it to reduce a little (that means evaporate out of the pan) then pour all the contents into the roasting container
  7. Cover the container and roast at 350 or so for 10-15 min or longer if you like Well done steak (Which hopefully no one reading this does, well done = awful food )
  8. Once the steak is done let it rest don’t touch it! We want those juices to have time to re-distribute throughout the meat.
  9. Pour the liquid from the roasting pan into a small sauce pan and bring to a boil, add butter and stir, the sauce should lightly coat the back of a spoon if it does not then add some more butter.
  10. Slice the meat on a bias and spoon a little mushroom and onion mix on top followed by some of the pan sauce.


Boom! A delicious dish. I know we have a number of steps but trust its well worth it, very easy and worthy of Championship Sunday


Don’t forget to hit me on twitter @chef_plum and let me know how your game day grub turned out!


Until next week Stay hungry!          balls 350x350


Chef Plum

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