Can the Patriots Do it Again?

Last week, the Patriots swept away the Titans 34-13. Tom Brady  was 23 or 31 for 236 yards passing and no interceptions.

Tomorrow, Brady and the Pats face the Arizona Cardinals. Rarely seeing this team, the Pats can’t be too sure of what to expect. With both teams being 1-0, it will be an interesting game for the Pats against this wildcard team.

Not knowing who will start for as the Cardinals at quarterback tomorrow also gives them a challenge. Will it be John Skelton? Kevin Kolb? Kolb is favored to start, and  he certainly won’t make it easy for Brady and the gang.

“He’s a good quarterback. Let’s get that understood right now,” Pats nose tackle Vince Wilfork said about Kolb. “But that whole offense, they have weapons.”

“Up front, they know what they’re doing,” Wilfork added.

The Patriots are favored  by 14 points, but that doesn’t mean they have an easy ride this week. Tomorrow at 1 p.m., in their first home game of the season, the Pats can only hope to come out with a win.

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