Calais Campbell Supports Phoenix Community with “Calais’ Kroc Stars”


You’ve probably seen a lot of Calais Campbell in the headlines this past week. Two sacks, an interception, and a safety (all in the same game) tends to get people talking.

Campbell is coming off of a monster Thursday Night performance, so of course he’s been busy making appearances on television, doing radio shows, all that good stuff.

But the Arizona Cardinals all time sacks leader still finds time to help out in the Phoenix community. He and his charity, the CRC Foundation (named after his father, Charles Richard Campbell) continue to support the city they now call home. Campbell funds programs, hosts celebrity dinners, each year he takes kids on shopping sprees for Christmas, he’ll even make a donation to the charity of your choosing if he catches you wearing his jersey.

We caught up with Calais on his latest endeavor at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, in Phoenix, where he is kicking off a program called “Calais’ Kroc Stars”. This is a tutoring program that is geared to provide students with some time well spent after school is out.


The CRC Foundation has provided funding to expand the Kroc Stars program, and allow for 60 students to receive access to more robust homework assistance, literary coaching, financial literacy, college/career readiness, and also self-esteem and leadership programs. It is offered to students in grades K-8, through scholarships.

“Through the generosity and shared vision of the CRC Foundation we’ve been able to expand and enrich our after-school program,” said Major Gwyn Jones, Corps and Community Center Officer. “Students participating are offered a meaningful curriculum to grow and increase in self confidence that will lead to better life opportunities. We are grateful to Calais Campbell and his commitment to his community.”

The Kroc Center is a beautiful facility that provides the perfect setting for both work and play. While the barbecue was heating up, Calais took the opportunity to meet each child individually, and then it was “outside time” where the laughter and good times were literally contagious.


After Calais finally took a break from reading with the kids, throwing the football around, and listening to advice from a 10 year old on who the Arizona Cardinals should start at quarterback (that was the best), Pro Player Insiders asked him what he enjoys most about helping out with the community.

“Really, it’s just knowing that these kids have an opportunity to be successful, and I’m trying to give them direction. It’s important to see the kids’ potential, and the smiles on their faces. They bring pure energy and love into the world. I just try and help direct them, get them doing what they love to do, I figure this is the best way to do it.”

We agree Calais, and kudos on all the good that you do, sincerely.


About The Salvation Army South Mountain Kroc Center:
Administered by the Salvation Army for the purpose of building community, The Kroc Community Center is a 147,000 square-foot, multi-purpose facility. The Center includes an indoor aquatics center, three NBA-sized basketball courts, a 348-seat theater, meeting facilities and a fitness center. The Kroc provides opportunities for people from all walks of life in metropolitan Phoenix to work, play, serve and celebrate together within a safe and non-discriminating environment. For more information please visit:


About Charles Richard Campbell Foundation:
The CRC Foundation was founded by NFL player Calais Campbell, his mother and seven siblings. Together, the Campbell Family utilizes CRC Foundation to continue the legacy of service left by patriarch Charles R. Campbell, who passed away in 2003 and for whom the foundation is named. The CRC Foundation is committed to the enhancement of our community by teaching quality life skills to assist with the development of young people. Through sports, the enrichment of creative talents, vocational skills, guidance of positive financial skills and quality health and nutrition The CRC Foundation seeks to empower and provide self -awareness for our future leaders. For more information please visit:

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