Broncos Will Be Quarterback Shopping

After Tim Tebow rose to the role of Seabiscuit this past season, the underdog that you couldn’t help but root for, the Broncos will be looking for a quarterback competition in training camp this coming year.

John Elway, the Broncos’ executive vice president of football operations, has made it clear that Tebow will enter training camp with the starting job, but the words that a lot of people overlooked was “enter training camp.”  Elway clarified his position this week.

We will be in the market to find more quarterbacks,” Elway said.  “That’s our approach with Tim being our starter as we go to training camp, that we’ll look at free agency and the draft.”

That puts the team in a tough spot.  They have a variety of needs, including more talent at wide receiver.  Where they put their emphasis in the offseason will give a strong indication of where their priorities are, but Tebow will be given a shot at the starting job.

“Anybody who comes in at any position is going to think they have a chance to compete,” Elway said. “Any free agent or anybody that comes in here when we start training camp is going to be competing for jobs.”

“Obviously with Tim’s reputation, if the guy is afraid to come in and compete for that job, then maybe he’s not the right guy.”  Completely true – but Denver is a unique situation.  Tebow has played erratically, with moments of brilliance mixed with head-slapping throws into the turf.  And no players with a mixed report card like Tebow can come anywhere near Tebow’s popularity with the Broncos faithful.  It’s going to be a tough place to compete for a starting role, and will provide some interesting offseason drama in Denver.

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