Brady Vocal in Support of Ochocinco, Branch

Tom Brady has been more vocal this season, particularly when it comes to his relationships with his receivers.  Just this week, he rushed to the defense of current teammate Chad Ochocinco and talked about his close relationship with Deion Branch, sharing the post-game press conference with Branch.

Brady said that none of the ex-Patriots who had criticized Ochocinco had “any clue what they’re talking about” during his weekly appearance on WEEI Radio in Boston.

Ochocinco was criticized after week one, when he Tweeted admiration for the way the Patriots offense was playing.  Former Patriot Tedy Bruschi criticized Ochocinco, suggesting that he spend more time on his playbook and less time on Twitter.  Former Patriot Rodney Harrison also piled on, saying Ochocinco’s performance in week one was “unacceptable.”

Asked about his former teammates, Brady responded, “They’re outside. They’re outside of the locker room. They don’t know what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“Anyone who was watching that game knew that Chad … helped us win,” Brady said. “He made two huge plays in the game.”

Ochocinco had 2 receptions in the week two game against the San Diego Chargers for 45 yards, of the 423 yards that Brady threw for.  This follows a week one performance against the Dolphins in which Ochocinco only had 1 reception for 14 yards while Brady threw for 517 yards.

Against the Chargers, Deion Branch was the primary recipient of Brady’s passes, while there were plenty of balls to go around.  Brady threw for 423 yards and 3 TDs with no INTs on 31 of 40 passing.

Branch finished the game with 8 receptions for 129 yards.  Brady spread the ball around effectively, as usual, with Wes Welker finishing the game with 7 receptions for 81 yards, and the Patriots two tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, finished the game with 86 yards and 2 TDs and 62 yards and 1 TD.

After the game, Brady and wide receiver Deion Branch decided to do their press conference together, and completed each other’s sentences like a married couple.

“Deion and I are going together today,” Brady opened as the two took the podium, before Branch finished the statement saying, “something new.”

You could feel the excitement and enthusiasm after the game between Branch and Brady.  “Brady was throwing it to me, his eyes – you have to see this guy’s eyes,” Branch said.  “Once he’s in the pocket, his eyes are so big when he’s getting ready to throw the ball. I guess he’s so excited when guys are open.”

“Yeah, always,” Brady added, pointing to Branch and saying, “And he’s always open.”

“I think my eyes light up, too, like his,” Branch responded.

When asked how they developed such a close bond, Branch replied, “Maybe because we sit beside each other in the locker room, you know what I’m saying?”

“That’s the key. I thank the equipment guys for putting me right next to him.”

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