Bradley Chubb; Three Star Recruit to Top Five Pick

A three star recruit out of high school, Bradley Chubb was not looked at by very many big colleges that he thought he deserved to be. He was not very big but showed throughout his high school career that he was deserving of a division one scholarship. “I was a skinny kid”, said Chubb, “I understand really why teams did not recruit me, but I feel like you can’t really measure someone’s heart. If you watch the games, I was playing hard and doing everything, I just wasn’t as big.” He was right, he was not as big as many defensive ends coming out of high school. However, he was also right that you cannot measure someone’s heart.

He said out of high school he never really thought about the NFL, he just wanted to prove people wrong in college. This motivation and drive was key for him in college. Chubb proved throughout his college career at North Carolina State where he would outwork anyone on the field. This showed his sophomore year, when Chubb played in every single game, while only playing in two his freshman year. He recorded 59 tackles, 5.5 sacks and an interception. (ESPN) This is when he really put his name in NFL scout minds. He still was not a top player, but he was now on their radar.




His junior and senior year, he really came out and was an absolute beast. He continued to get better with an increase in sacks, tackles, and tackles for loss each year. In his senior year Chubb had 10 sacks, (ESPN) but this does not even show how productive he was. He was consistently in the back field disrupting plays.  After being a three-star recruit, he came out of his senior year as one of the top prospects for the 2018 NFL draft. “Honestly when I got to college, I didn’t think I would be a top prospect, but my junior year, that’s really when I started to believe I was going to get here.” Chubb said. He better believe it now, as he was selected fifth overall by the Denver Broncos.

Chubb goes to an excellent situation where he will able to play across from one of the best pass rusher in the NFL right now, Von Miller. Teams will focus mainly on Miller which will allow him to have one on one match-ups against offensive lineman. He is going to be a problem right away for any lineman. Chubb seems to be on his way to a lengthy career.

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