Benjamin Watson: A Man of Faith And Substance

At this year’s Super Bowl Breakfast, there was a great crowd of people there to celebrate Christ through Athletes in Action. Also within that celebration, there was a celebration of the great works of one man. Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson was awarded the prestigious Bart Starr Award on Saturday amongst a great crowd.

The veteran tight end was awarded the Bart Starr Award for all the great things that he has done in the communities that he has been in around the NFL along with the example that he has set throughout his career.

“When I got drafted back in 2004, I wanted to be the best football player that I could be. Along with that, I wanted to be remembered for someone that stood for what is right, who stood for what is true and who left a legacy. So to stand here before you is sort of a fulfillment of that dream,” said Watson.

Watson went on to thank his parents and his wife for all their support and he also went on to talk about how his faith and who he wanted to be mostly.

“Yeah, I want to be a great football player and I’m going to give 100% to that because that is my job. But I want to show the world what God delights in. I want to be a living example of that.”

The Super Breakfast and ceremony was a great celebration of not only what Benjamin Watson the man is, but what God has done within him over his life.

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