Mayor Lance-Bottoms, Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Highlight Host Committee Press Conference

With another Super Bowl comes another host committee press conference. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms officially welcomed everyone to the city on Monday for the start of what will be an exciting week in one of the most exciting cities in the country.

Atlanta, which is hosting its second Super Bowl, isn’t far removed from it’s most recent Super Bowl history itself, which they lost to the Patriots on the strength of a historic comeback. When asked if he had recovered from the comeback the Patriots executed on his team, Blank said, “Yes, I have fully recovered from that. It is history. We live in the present and we plan on hosting another game in the future and playing another big game in the future.”

As for the big game and the festivities that come with it, Blank said that he is “excited about the game and the fan experience whether people are inside or outside the stadium. They will feel the Southern warmth.”

Mayor Lance-Bottoms addressed the weather concerns when it came to the impending snow forecast for Tuesday stating, “We’ve already starting pre-treating our roads and we have already invested in equipment and as always we are already coordinating with the state. We expect by Wednesday no later than Thursday that things will be back to normal.”

As far as the city and what it means, Lance-Bottoms is well aware of what the Super Bowl brings to Atlanta. “It is so much more than a football game. This is our opportunity to shine as a city and I have been encouraged by the investment of the NFL with the city. ”

Asked if she had a rooting interesting in the game, Lance-Bottoms respectfully refrained from answering. “I have got in trouble in the past speaking my opinions and I am looking forward to Atlanta being back in the Super Bowl.”

The city of Atlanta is prepared and excited to host and bring the Super Bowl back to one of the most exciting cities in the country.


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