Arizona Cardinals, “All or Nothing” on Amazon Video Series

all-or-nothing-nfl-cardinals-amazon-original.0The Arizona Cardinals will be the first team to grace the screen on Amazon Video’s original eight-part series, “All or Nothing”, premiering July 1. Amazon partnered with NFL Films for the series and will be very similar to HBO’s, “Hard Knocks”, which is also produced by NFL Films.

“All or Nothing” will give viewers an inside look at an entire season of work by a team, rather than just training camp, which is what “Hard Knocks” focuses on. The show’s emphasis is on the locker room, the game day atmosphere, and the personal lives of the players. The series starts at the 2015 draft, and makes its way to the team’s run to the NFC Championship game where they were defeated by the Carolina Panthers.

“This show is going to give customers a front row seat to some of the most exciting, never before seen, football action,” said Michael Paull, vice president of digital video at Amazon. “There is a thrilling story behind how these athletes compete on the field, and we are very excited to work with the NFL to deliver amazing programming for our customers.”

The Cardinals have a lot of high profile players and personalities, but none more than their leader, head coach Bruce Arians. Coach Arians has never been shy to say what’s on his mind, and this series will be no different.

Bruce Arians Banner

“I’ll get a few Bibles in the mail, I’m sure. And rightfully so,” said Arians. Amazon even offers the option to watch the show without the vulgar language, so one can only imagine what the coach has in store for fans.

These types of shows are cutting edge, insightful, and to put it plain and simple, just down right awesome. Every fan wants to feel connected to the players they watch on TV, even if it’s not their particular team they root for. We all just want to believe these athletes are regular people with ordinary lives, just like us.

The inaugural season of the series will bring fans closer to the game than ever before. “Hard Knocks” has been on since 2001, and Amazon is hopeful that “All or Nothing” will have similar success.

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