Are the Patriots in Trouble?

Facing a tough loss to the Arizona Cardinals, 20-18, and with Aaron Hernandez possibly out for six games, can the Patriots pull it together?

Hernandez left Sunday’s game with a high ankle sprain, leaving quarterback Tom Brady left with only one dominant tight end, Rob Gronkowski.

Aside from Hernandez’s injury, the Pats were also faced with their first home opener loss since 2001. With just over a minute remaining, and having possession of the ball, Ryan Williams fumbled, giving the Pats a chance for the victory. Danny Woodhead sprinted to the end zone for the touchdown and the comeback, hoping to extend their home game opener winning streak. The touchdown was negated when Gronkowski was flagged for an offensive holding. The worst of it came when the Pats had a chance win the game with a 42-yard field goal. Stephen Gostkowski, who has been 21 for 21 in the fourth quarter for kicking missed, a moment similar to when Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff missed the 32-yard field goal in the AFC Championship game.

Can the Pats learn from this huge upset and get it together? How greatly will they be affected by Hernandez’s injury? Can the offensive get it together?

With three tough games coming up, do the Patriots have what it takes to come out on top against the Ravens, Bills, and Broncos?


By Jennifer Korszun

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