Anthony Adams: Best Retirement Ever

If you collected a group of the most diehard NFL fans in one room, my guess is that they would be hard-pressed to remember anything significant about the playing career of long-time Chicago Bear Anthony Adams.

To take it one step further, I would gamble that not many folks were aware of Adams’ retirement from the NFL the other day. While Adams stepped away from the game of football, he may have just shot a video that could lead to a career in front of the camera. After watching the hilarious video, it makes you wonder how former athletes like Shaquille O’Neal can have a show on TV over guys like this.

For starters, let me just preface the above paragraphs by stating that Adams should not be belittled as a player. In fact, the NFL could not exist without those types of glue-guys in the league. Rather, the 2003 draft choice of the San Francisco 49ers did not make waves with either San Francisco or Chicago.

That being said, Adams absolutely killed it with his retirement video.


*Video via Adams’ YouTube account

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