Prince Amukamara Returns to Practice

The Giants are getting healthier, with coach Tom Coughlin announcing today that everybody is practicing, for the first time this season.

First round draft pick Prince Amukamara continues to rehab his broken foot, and he commented today on how his rehabilitation is going and how it felt practicing with the team:

Q: Are you pain free?

A: I wouldn’t say that. I am sure I am going to feel pain in a little bit. Right now, it just gets sore after I do activity but that soreness is going away week-by-week. I am just progressing.


Q: How did you feel today going through all the drills?

A: The drills felt good but in show-team, I am just trying to catch up to speed. The speed was a bit fast so I have to get used to that.


Q: Are you ready to go this week?

A: I don’t know. I am not sure.


Q: Are you trying to catch up mentally or physically?

A: Physically, I am just trying to get the timing down. I haven’t lined up across from someone in a couple months so I am just trying to get acclimated to that speed.


Q: How is your wind?

A: I think my wind was good. I didn’t get tired or feel like I was dehydrated. I think it is good.

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