Aaron Rodgers Hits “The Office”

For those of you who missed it, Aaron Rodgers decided to take his talents to television by appearing in an episode of the popular NBC hit-comedy “The Office.” The highly-popular NBC comedy is set to air its season finale next week. The decorated NFL signal caller appeared as a fictional judge that rejects character Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) in his fictitious tryout to be on the reality show “America’s Next A Capella Sensation.”

To add some perspective, Rodgers was not even drafted when the popular “mockumentary” captivated television audiences around the world in 2005.

The do-it-all quarterback of the Packers has become the highest paid player in NFL history, won a Super Bowl en route to being named the most valuable player, and still has some fans buzzing with his popular State Farm commercials featuring the “Discount Double-Check.”

As if it that wasn’t enough, Rodgers continues to shine in his cameo TV appearances and might even rival those of another NFL QB  Peyton Manning.


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