32 Teams, 32 Bold Predictions: Part 2 NFC

Over the course of the next two days ProPlayerInsiders will preview the NFL Season by making a bold prediction, projecting the record, and picking a fantasy MVP for each of the 32 teams. Check out part 2 and the NFC. (Click here for part 1 and the AFC)


Dallas Cowboys

Bold Prediction: DeMarco Murray has already earned the label, “injury prone.” As a rookie, Murray broke a bone and last season he struggled all year with a foot injury. At Oklahoma, Murray flashed greatness while struggling with injuries while and still  managed to be the school’s all-time leader in touchdowns. This season, Murray will break the Cowboy’s single season touchdown record (set by Emmitt Smith in 1995) by hitting pay dirt 26 times. 

Projected Record: 10-6

Key Game: Week 6 vs. Washington (Sunday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: DeMarco Murray

Player Tweet: @DeMarcoMurray Happy B-day to the best that ever did it @BarrySanders.. Even though he went to that school in Stillwater! Haha

Washington Redskins

Bold Prediction: Robert Griffin III is back from a late season ACL injury and Redskins fans expect his 2013 to play like Adrian Peterson’s 2012. The problem with that is there is only one Adrian Peterson. RGIII is an unbelievable athlete but the Redskins will regret rushing him back. Kirk Cousins will start at least half of the Redskins games this season. 

Projected Record: 9-7

Key Game: Week 12 vs. San Francisco (Monday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: Alfred Morris

Player Tweet: @Trey_Deuces I’m a weirdo but I accept me for me if you don’t then that’s your own problem lol. So many of us go through life trying to be someone..

Philadelphia Eagles

Bold Prediction: For the first time since the final week of the 1998 season someone other than Andy Reid will coach the Eagles. Chip Kelly has been brought in from Oregon to change a culture that was clearly stale. The player who should benefit the most from this culture change is LeSean McCoy. McCoy played in only 12 games and rushed for only 840 yards last season. This season, McCoy will more than double last year’s rushing total and will finish the season with over 1,700 rushing yards. 

Projected Record: 8-8

Key Game: Week 3 vs. Kansas City (Thursday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: LeSean McCoy

Player Tweet: @Lanejohnson69 Thanks for all the support Philadelphia. …I’m excited about the upcoming season….time to put in work

New York Giants

Bold Prediction: Prince Amukamara was the 19th pick of the 2011 draft but has yet to justify the lofty expectations the Giants have for him. Amukamara has only two career interceptions in his 20 NFL games. In 2013, Amukamara will establish himself as the playmaking corner that the Giants thought they drafted. Amukamara will finish the season with eight interceptions.

Projected Record: 6-10

Key Game: Week 2 vs. Denver

Fantasy MVP: Victor Cruz

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Green Bay Packers 

Bold Prediction: I have to share credit for this prediction with Aaron Rodgers. Back in June Rodgers told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he expects huge things from third year wide receiver Randall Cobb. Cobb will make his quarterback look good by catching over 100 passes for at least 1,300 yards and double-digit touchdowns. 

Projected Record: 11-5

Key Game: Week 14 vs. Atlants (Sunday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Player Tweet: @Lil_Eazy_Ana_42 Man I miss my dawgs by wayne…..top 5 in my book

Chicago Bears

Bold Prediction: Since rushing for just over 1,200 yards as a rookie in 2008, Matt Forte has failed to rush for over 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons. Last season, Forte lead the Bears 1,094 rushing yards. For the first time in his career Forte will rush for over 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons and for the first time in his career his will rush for double-digit touchdowns. 

Projected Record: 9-7

Key Game: Week 17 vs. Green Bay

Fantasy MVP: Brandon Mashall

Player Tweet: @BMarshall Note to self: When your close to breakthrough the biggest attacks come.  #trailblaze

Detroit Lions 

Bold Prediction: Nick Fairley is in his third year out of Auburn and seems poised for a breakout season. Fairley is healthy, comfortable in the Lions scheme on defense, and received praise from Tom Brady for being “hard-nosed.” Fairly will be a handful for opposing offensive lineman this season and will finish the year with 16 sacks. 

Projected Record: 8-8

Key Game: Week 13 vs. Green Bay (Thanksgiving)

Fantasy MVP: Calvin Johnson

Player Tweet: @ReggieBush Bootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol! Watching Americas Got Talent! That song was hilarious!

Minnesota Vikings

Bold Prediction: Doubting Adrian Peterson is a bad idea. Peterson has predicted that he will rush for 2,500 yards this season. On the surface, that seems very unlikely for a couple of reasons. 1. It has never happened in the history of the NFL. 2. A poor passing game makes it easy for other teams to stack the box with eight or nine guys to try and slow Adrian down. Last season, Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards and came just nine yards short of the NFL record for yards in a season. Last year, Adrian was only a handful of months from a devastating knee injury and the Vikings eased him into the season. Peterson didn’t rush for over 100 yards until the last day of September. This year, Peterson will be heathy from day 1, will average 165 yards per game and will rush for an unprecedented 2,640 yards. 

Projected Record: 6-10

Key Game: Week 10 vs. Washington (Thursday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: Adrian Peterson

Player Tweet: @AdrianPeterson Congrats to my guy Barry Sanders for winning the 2013 Madden Cover!  Any other guy to take me down… it would’ve been a problem! Salute


New Orleans Saints

Bold Prediction: Mark Ingram has struggled to justify the faith the Saints showed in him when they moved back into the first round to draft him in 2011. Ingram finished strong last season and has impressed many observers during the pre-season. Ingram will rush for 1,200 yards and represent the Saints in the Pro-Bowl. 

Projected Record: 13-3

Key Game: Week 1 vs. Atlanta

Fantasy MVP: Marques Colston

Player Tweet: @drewbrees Anybody out there play Candy Crush? One of the workers at training camp is on level 390! Is that crazy? Where do people find the time?

Atlanta Falcons

Bold Prediction: Last January, the Falcons had a home game against a rookie quarterback for a chance to get to the Super Bowl and they couldn’t get it done. The team talked Tony Gonzalez into delaying retirement to make another run. Steven Jackson was signed to improve the running game and Osi Umenyiora was acquired to improve the pass rush. Unfortunately for the Falcons the rest of the NFC got better as well. The Falcons will never have as clean a look at the Super Bowl as they did last year. This season, the Falcons will have to start the playoffs on the road and will be a one and done disappointment. 

Projected Record: 11-5

Key Game: Week 10 vs. Seattle

Fantasy MVP: Roddy White

Player Tweet: @juliojones_11 Thanks to all my fam & fans for texts, calls & tweets checking on me. Trust me I’m fine – no accident, no broken legs!  #internethoax

Carolina Panthers

Bold Prediction: Luke Kuechly might be the best linebacker in football. Kuechly was named the defensive rookie of the year last season and should be even better this year. Kuechly will add some more hardware to his trophy case when he is named the NFL’s defensive player of the year. 

Projected Record: 8-8

Key Game: Week 11 vs. New England (Monday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: Cam Newton

Player Tweet: @DeAngeloRB My dad: Have you ever seen a lion limber up before chasing down a gazelle? Me: but we are people and have 2 legs lol

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bold Prediction: Gerald McCoy played all 16 games for the first time in his career last season and was a force at the tackle position. McCoy will dominate the middle again this season and will get double-digit sacks for the first time in his NFL career. 

Projected Record: 4-12

Key Game: Week 8 vs. Carolina (Thursday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: Doug Martin

Player Tweet: @VincentTJackson Would be fun to tell cashier at corner store: “I drafted u! Bring me the championship.” Lol #TableTurner


Seattle Seahawks

Bold Prediction: The Seahawks went 4-0 during the pre-season and didn’t seem shy about scoring points. The Seahawks can be bullies at times and apparently never feel like any lead is safe. The Seahawks will lead the league in double-digit victories and will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. 

Projected Record: 13-3

Key Game: Week 10 vs. New Orleans (Monday Night Football)

Fantasy MVP: Sidney Rice

Player Tweet: RSherman_25 Every game and every practice it’s become more and more apparent that just about everyone on this team could be an NFL starter! #Compete

St. Louis Rams

Bold Prediction: Sam Bradford is finally surrounded by some weapons. Bradford is set to break out and live up to the hype surrounding him when he was the first pick in the 2010 draft. Bradford will throw 35 touchdown passes this season for the emerging Rams. 

Projected Record: 10-6

Key Game: Week 4 vs. San Francisco (Sunday Night Football)
Fantasy MVP: Sam Bradford

Player Tweet: @tayaustin01 TeamAustin get down or lay down lol

San Francisco 49ers

Bold Prediction: Last year the 49ers represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. This season the 49ers will miss the playoffs. 

Projected Record: 10-6

Key Game: Week 14 vs. Seattle

Fantasy MVP: Frank Gore

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Arizona Cardinals

Bold Prediction: Troubles at LSU caused Tyrann Mathieu to be crossed off many teams draft boards and slip to the third round. A seemingly humbled Honey Badger showed up in Arizona and under the leadership and guidance of Patrick Peterson seems poised for a breakout season. Mathieu will improve an already steady Cardinals secondary and be named the defensive rookie of the year.

Projected Record: 8-8

Key Game: Week 8 vs. Atlanta

Fantasy MVP: Michael Floyd

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