2017 NFL Draft: Live Blog


11:42: The Saints end the first round by picking Ryan Ramczyk a OT from Wisconsin. Ugh. That’s all I have to say about that. Any chance we can get Brandin Cooks back? With that, I am going to bed. More tomorrow.

11:31: Another National nightmare has ended, the 49ers pick Reuben Foster. It’s up to the Saints to close us out. Let’s do something great.

11:30: The Seahawks are going to drop out of round 1. They trade their pick to the 49ers.

11:25: The Steelers select T.J. Watt the edge rusher from Wisconsin and younger brother of J.J. Watt. I would think Steelers fans are going to love that pick. The Saints are two picks out. I am on twitter trying to confirm Foster is still eligible for the draft. This is nuts. If I am being honest, I hope Adrian Peterson isn’t the only former Oklahoma Sooners running back that the Saints add this week.

11:21: The Browns moved back into the first round to pick David Njoku a tight end from Miami. Oh. I didn’t see that coming. But, this is the Browns we are talking about.

11:15: Dallas picks Taco Charlton a DE from Michigan. I remember when the Cowboys let Jerry Jones make the draft picks and that was more fun. Cleveland has moved back into the first round. QB?

11:12: The Bills make a pick this time and its TreDavious White a CB from LSU. That is three players from LSU in the first round.

11:07: The Seahawks trade their pick to the Falcons. My guess is the Falcons pick a huge bust here. Remember when they were winning the Super Bowl 28-3? The Falcons pick Takk McKinley a OLB from UCLA. Eh.

11:00: The Browns pick Jabrill Peppers from Michigan. That should go over well in Cleveland, Ohio. Is it possible that Foster’s arm is actually detached from his body? Is it possible he will be there for the Saints at 32? Nah… right?

10:55: The Raiders take the risk and pick Gareon Conley a DB from Ohio State. Conley was accused of raping a girl in Cleveland on April 9. Conley has denied the accusation. Assuming he is being honest about that, this is a slam dunk pick by the Raiders.

10:45: The Giants pick Reuben Forster. Just kidding, they actually take Evan Engram a tight end from Ole Miss. They have to be bummed on just missing out on O.J. Howard. Will Reuben Foster fall out of round 1? What about Dalvin Cook? Will the Saints stay at 32 or trade that pick for a haul to someone looking to grab a guy before anyone can scoop him up tomorrow?

10:40: Sad face. My draft room is empty. My daughter went to bed at 8:00. My dog and wife went to bed at 10. My brother just walked out the door. Its just me and the 2 or 3 people that are following this blog. The Lions pick Jared Davis from Florida and the Dolphins pick Charles Harris from Missouri. No one wants to pick Reuben Foster. I thought he would slip, but I didn’t see him available at 23.

10:31: The Broncos pick the first offensive lineman. Wingo says this is the latest it has ever happened in the modern draft era. Garett Bolles is the guy from Utah. He brings a cute little kid on stage. I will say now, without knowing the next 12 picks, his jersey will sell the least of any first round pick.

10:28: O.J. Howard becomes the third Alabama player picked by the Buccaneers. This is a pick made on the player not a specific need. Is he the first famous O.J. to be born after the Juice became infamous instead of famous?

10:20: The Titans pick Adoree’ Jackson a DB from USC. The Titans are going to be one of those teams that have their draft graded very well in a couple of days. They got many people’s top rated WR and a great athlete in Jackson.

10:15: The long National nightmare is over. Jonathan Allen goes 17 to the Redskins. We have a run on Alabama defenders. The Pens are still up 3-2. The Caps have pulled the goalie. 25.7 seconds left.

10:10: Another defensive player off the board that isn’t named Allen. The Ravens pick Marlon Humphrey a CB from Alabama. Humphrey went 30-0 in his last two years of high school and won the SEC every year he was at Alabama. The Pens are up 3-2 with 4 minutes left in the third. The Redskins have turned in their pick. So naturally, ESPN heads to commercial break.

10:02: Malik Hooker is a guy that the Colts are probably surprised to still see on the board. That is five defensive players in the last six picks. Jonathan Allen is still on the board. My dog went to bed.

9:53: The Eagles pick a DE but not Allen. There has to be a story here right? Derek Barnett is the lucky guy to get picked by the Eagles in front of 70,000 people. If you have dual screen capabilities, the Pens and Caps are tied at 2 with 11:35 left in the third period.

9:45: The Cardinals pick Hasson Reddick. The local boy goes 12. That should start a run on defensive players. Does anyone want Jonathan Allen? He is getting into Aaron Rodgers territory.

9:32: The Browns passed on Wentz last year and they pass on Watson this year. The Texans trade into 12. I would be shocked if it wasn’t to pick Watson. The Browns will have two first round picks again next year, but at some point you have to pull the trigger on a QB.

9:30: I never even gave the chance that Marshon Lattimore would be available for the Saints a thought. I am thrilled. Thrilled. Did that just work out for the Browns too? Why not pick Watson if you are them?

9:20: I am a little surprised the Chiefs picked Patrick Mahomes over Watson but Mahomes can launch the football. With that said, my underwear is wet as a Saints fan. Do we really have a choice between the best DB on the board AND Jonathan Allen? Wow.

9:14: The Bills trade the 10th pick to the Chiefs for the 27th pick and a third round pick this year PLUS a first round pick next year. The Chiefs must want a QB. My logic earlier was if you are going to ship off a ton of assets it should be for a QB. So do the Chiefs pick Watson?

9:12: Wow. The Bengals pick John Ross. He is the fastest player in the draft, but he is banged up. I would have never guessed he would get picked in the top ten. As a Saints fan, this couldn’t have broken better. Regardless of what the Bills do, the Saints can pick Allen or Lattimore. I have to imagine that Loomis and Payton are doing backflips.

9:00: The Chargers pick Mike Williams. I think he is the best wide receiver in the draft. That makes 4 offensive players and 3 on defense in a draft that was supposed to be top heavy with impact defensive players. I think the Panthers are going to take McCaffrey and the Bills are going to take Howard. If I’m right, that would be at least 6 players of 10 on offense.

8:50: ESPN accidentally cut to the green room and tipped the Jets hand. Jamal Adams on the phone crying means that LSU is the first school with two players off the board. Trey Wingo spent the next few minutes trying to renew drama in the pick by downplaying what everyone else already knew.  I bet the Jets were shocked to see Adams sitting there for them. He could have easily been #1 on their board and if that was the case it probably didn’t matter who called or what they offered. The Chargers could make it back to back safeties and grab, Malik Hooker.

8:43: The Titans pick Corey Davis and this feels like a reach to me. I think there was too many good defensive players on the board. I get the desire to acquire a weapon for Marcus Mariota, but if so, I would rather take Mike Williams. The Jets have to be fielding a bunch of phone calls from teams who want to take Allen or Thomas.

8:35: I love that pick for the Jaguars. It takes a lot of pressure off of Blake Bortles. This guy is special. When you pick in the top five I think that’s what you want more than anything. I think the people in the Carolina draft room are the most disappointed, they are going to have to pray no one snags Christian McCaffrey. Yesterday, I paired the Titans and Lattimore and I am going to stick with that guess.

8:30: The 49ers make a pick this time and take Solomon Thomas. The Jaguars are on the clock and if I am them I am rushing up the card with Leonard Founette’s name on it.

8:22: The Bears pull the trigger on the quarterback and pick Mitchell Trubisky. They traded 4 picks to move up one spot and you don’t give up all those assets to pick a defensive lineman. Shefter got swerved there. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert about the kid, but would you want to take a QB with the second pick in the draft that has only played 13 games in college? The 49ers are up again, and I still think they would move back further if they can. If not, I think Adams is the pick.

8:17: There it is. The 49ers make the trade they wanted to make and swap picks with the Bears. Adam Shefter is speculating that the Bears have moved up to grab Solomon Thomas. I’m sort of surprised they wouldn’t want to take a QB, but when you are in a division with Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford you have to be able to sack them.

8:15: Myles Garrett is the first pick in the draft. Nicely done, Cleveland. San Francisco is on the clock. I have absolutely have no ideas what they are going to do. My guess is that they would like to make a trade. If they can’t, I speculated Jonathan Allen would be the pick. I think I have been talked into Jamal Adams being the pick.

8:07: That bum Goodell is booed viciously by an impressive crowd in Philadelphia. The Browns are on the clock. Don’t screw this up, Cleveland. The best player in the draft is Myles Garrett. The Browns know it and have been hinting he would be their pick since the Super Bowl. This should be an easy pick. I did a quick poll on twitter and 90% of the votes are for Garrett.

8:00: Quick look at the draft room. I have the draft on TVA and Caps vs. Pens on TVB. Paula is just about ready for bed and her Uncle Anthony is trying to pretend to be very busy on the rocker. Also in the room but not pictured: Tammy (wife), Colston (Dog)


7:40: The players have been announced, the anthem has been belted out, Philadelphia is ready (according to Trey Wingo). This blog will refresh over and over as we follow the show tonight (that is what this is right? A show?). The newest post will always be on top. Huge thanks to Melissa for having me back again this year. I will use twitter a little to try and drive some traffic and maybe put up a poll or two. Alright, lets do this…



It has come to the point, or so it seems, that draft season is as long as the playing season in the NFL. Mercifully, draft season will be over on Saturday. In the meantime, we have a little bit more of the same as everyone else. I will tell you what I think happens tomorrow during the first 10 picks. Yet another mock draft. Yawn.

Did you ever notice mock drafts seem to be loaded with skill position players? I have to figure you get more clicks and more buzz if you have a quarterback and a running back in the top five than a couple of guards and an edge rusher. How excited do you get if you click on a mock draft and the expert has your team picking a guard?

Anyway, before we get to the top 10. Here are three things I am most confident will happen tomorrow:

  1. Myles Garrett is going to be the first pick.
  2. There will be a trade in the top ten. There might even be two trades. I hate trying to predict a trade. I won’t bother when I fill out my top ten.
  3. Leonard Fournette won’t get past Carolina.

Time to take a shot. Here is my best guess for the top ten.

  1. Cleveland: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M
  2. San Francisco: Jonathan Allan, DT, Alabama
  3. Chicago: Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
  4. Jacksonville: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
  5. Tennessee: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
  6. Washington: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
  7. San Diego: Jamal Adams, S, LSU
  8. Carolina: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford
  9. Cincinnati: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama
  10. Buffalo: OJ Howard, TE, Alabama

That is all for today.

Tomorrow, I will be back in this very spot to watch the show with you, make fun of how wrong my top ten was, and to talk about whatever else might come up. Last year at this time, no of us knew we would be talking about a top prospect (allegedly) in a gas mask.

In the meantime, ProPlayerInsiders has people on the ground in Philadelphia. Be sure to stay close to twitter for whatever they might have from the site.

Also, if you can handle some more talk, I had Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports and Chris Burke from Sports Illustrated on my podcast yesterday. I talked Joe Mixon with both, and all kinds of other draft issues with Burke.

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