2013 NFL Draft: Prospects Talk Washington Redskins and RG3

The Washington Redskins may not own a first round pick in Thursday’s start of the NFL Draft. But they are still living the dream. It’s now reality that the team has a superstar at helm, giving the Washington Redskins a new-found hope for the future. Robert Griffin III is respected across the league. Not to mention, he left a mark during his college career at Baylor University that several draft prospects this year still remember.

“I went against RG3 two years in a row — freshman year we just demolished them — and I picked him off too,” said Oklahoma safety prospect Tony Jefferson. Although Jefferson was reluctant to talk about Robert’s game against OU in 2011, he had nothing but great things to say about him. “We approached that game as getting RG3,” he said. “It was good to go against a guy like that — he has great talent — we already knew that.”

Jefferson spoke with the Redskins at the combine and said Shanahan was present in the meeting. “I’ve always liked the Redskins. They have former OU players over there. It’ll just be cool being able to play with a guy like RG3 and with the great program and staff that they have. And with the need of safety. I would love to play for them. Just seeing that logo — growing up — that’s a pretty cool logo. It’ll be nice playing for them.”

Tony Jefferson wasn’t the only guy who said he would love to play for the Redskins. Syracuse offensive lineman Justin Pugh called it a “great fit,” although he’ll likely be gone before the Redskins pick at 51 overall. Pugh went on to say,  “especially with RG3 — he makes you look good up front.”

Potential first round pick, Arthur Brown (LB from Kansas St.) holds a prestigious honor of being the first player to intercept Robert Griffin III in his 2011 Heisman Trophy winning campaign. Not to mention, that was Griffin’s only second half interception of the entire season. “Yeah, that was brought to my attention soon after,” Arthur Brown said. “It’s definitely considered a highlight of my career with him being RG3. But what I remember most about that time was how we just came together as a team during that crucial time period and how came out with success.”

I also had an opportunity to speak with Nevada safety prospect Duke Williams who is a huge fan of Sean Taylor. “From my point of view, he’s one of the best to ever strap on a helmet,” said Duke. “A player with his size and ability, what he was able to do in just those few years in the National Football league — he still wasn’t able to reach his peak. Which is very interesting to me, because he’s considered one of the best even though he played such short of a time due to a unfortunate cause — being killed. I just look up to him as one of the best to ever do it. I’m just showing my respect because I was able to watch him growing up and watch the things he has done. Not only to me, but every safety playing the game, he should be considered in their eyes one of the best to ever play.”

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