Titans Owner Bud Adams Couldn’t Forgive Mike Reinfeldt Failure to Get Peyton Manning

Mike Munchak said in an interview with ESPN AFC South Blogger Paul Kuharsky that the Titans haven’t had a normal free agency offseason since he became the Titans Head Coach. One reason was because of the NFL Lockout, the other was Titans Owner Bud Adam’s insistence to for the Titans to drop their plans for Free Agency and focus all their efforts to get Peyton Manning, at all costs.

The cost now as we look back is this, The Titans Jake Locker had an up and down season, inconsistent and dealing with a shoulder injury, leading the Titans to a 6-10 record while Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos to a 13-3 record, AFC West Division Champs and a 1st-round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

When the Titans got blown-out at home 51-20 to the Chicago Bears and in Green Bay 55-7 to the Packers, Adams ran his mouth that there would be changes, when he wasn’t changing the channel while watching the Titans from his home in Houston.

How did that failure to pursuit Peyton Manning affect the Titans off the field?

It has now cost the job of Senior Executive Vice President and COO Mike Reinfeldt.

While the real reasons are a source of debate, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that may indeed be the real reason he lost his job. Back last March, Adam’s told the Tennessean he’d be “Disappointed” if the Titans didn’t land Manning.

Adam’s felt like Reinfeldt didn’t take him serious enough, wondering if he even relayed the message onto General Manager Ruston Webster or Coach Munchak. But the message did get passed on as Peyton did meet with the Titans and while choosing the Broncos stated he fell in love with Coach Munchak and it made his decision that much harder.

I’m sure this is not the sole reason that caused Reinfeldt to lose his job, but with Munchak and Webster safe for now, Adam’s felt somebody had to pay for the team’s failure this season and Reinfeldt was the scapegoat.


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