Titans Coaching Change up in the Booth Pays Off

In Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer’s first year with the Tennessee Titans, he called all the plays from the sidelines while Wide Receiver’s Coach Dave Ragone stayed up in the Press Box. But before the Thursday Night Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers John Glennon from The Tennessean reports that in an effort to try to jumpstart the sputtering offense that Chris Palmer will call the plays from the press box while receivers coach Dave Ragone will move down to the sideline.  The move appeared to be a contributing factor in the teams upset win over the Steelers, winning 26-23.

Coach Mike Munchak stated previous Titans Offensive Coordinators such as Les Steckel and Norm Chow also called the plays from the press box. Coach Munchak would go on listing all the positives about making the move. “You can see everything. You can see it quickly. There’s nothing hiding up there. It’s like watching film. I’m assuming it helps (Palmer) make quicker decisions on what he wants to do next or exactly how they’re playing a certain coverage or how they’re attacking.”

Munchak would continue talking about the changes including the benefits of having Dave Ragone move down to the sidelines. ““With Kenny (Britt) coming back and being healthy and Kendall (Wright) being a young receiver, it was important to have Dave Ragone, the receiver coach, down there with them for the game,” Munchak said.

Regardless of the teams recent struggles the move looks to have paid off as the 26 points the Titans scored in Thursday night’s game were the most points the offense have scored all season.

While Mike Munchak said he believed the switch to be permanent it makes one wonder why the switch wasn’t done sooner.

Written by Joey Rivaldo

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