Texans’ Reed undergoes second hip procedure

Perhaps John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens had inside information regarding the true status of Ed Reed and his health status when they let their superstar safety walk in free agency.

It is being reported by the Houston Chronicle that the Houston Texans’ new safety has undergone arthroscopic hip surgery to repair a small labral tear in his hip.

Three years ago, Reed underwent a similar hip surgery that forced him to miss the first seven weeks of the season with the Ravens.

The good news for Houston fans is that the surgery is thought to be minor enough for Reed to return to training camp on schedule. Though it is worrisome that less than two months after signing with the team, the 34 year-old Reed is getting additional work on his hip. Even more bothersome is the history Reed has with injuries and recovery times.

Luckily, the Texans had a backup plan should Reed’s health deteriorate as it has. Second-round prospect D.J. Swearinger from South Carolina had a very successful college career and could be seeing extensive reps with the team this off-season and on the field in case Reed can’t go.

Even if Reed does play this season, his on-field production has dwindled year-by-year, forcing Danielle Manning and Swearinger to step up in the future Hall-of-Famer’s absence. It would be a shame to remember Ed Reed’s last season as a failure, especially for a player who leads the NFL in career interception yards and has been one of the most dominant safety’s in NFL history. Unfortunately, unless Reed’s health holds up, that may be his fate.


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