Russ Brandon Takes Over Bills Operations

When Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon hopped on a plane to Detroit to meet with 94-year-old Bills Owner Ralph Wilson Jr. many thought it did not look to be a good sign for Brandon or current General Manager Buddy Nix.

Instead, Ralph Wilson turns over the power to run the team’s operations to Russ Brandon as Brandon will become the team’s new President, giving him the full authority to do what is necessary in connection with the football operations on a day to day basis.

In short, Russ Brandon is essentially the team’s new surrogate owner.

The move couldn’t have been better as far as who will be calling the shots in Buffalo. This arrangement will stay in place until the real owner, Ralph Wilson Jr. passes on and the family sells the team.

However bad it sounds, the status of Ralph Wilson Jr. and what will transpire once he passes away has been a deterrent for possibly attractive good quality coaches and players to the Bills.

For now, Buddy Nix will remain the team’s General Manager, but Nix will eventually yield the job to Doug Whaley, an Assistant General Manager, who many believe could be on a short list to be a G.M. on other teams looking for one.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Nix still go as G.M. or have his job title or responsibilities change.

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