NFLPA Calls for “Concussion Specialists”

Chris Mortensen of is reporting — NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith will renew his call for the league to hire “concussion specialists” with no team affiliation who would oversee concussion protocols and treat players.

The call for new “concussion specialists” was raised again when Michael Vick, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith and Fred Jackson all left the field Sunday after suffering concussions.  The union will review the injuries and adherence to guidelines based on initial observations, NFLPA sources said.  The players’ union continues to be frustrated over what it perceives to be an inconsistency among teams to adhere to concussion guidelines.

The NFLPA wants concussion specialists hired by the league, and not by individual teams, so that the practice can remain accurate, unbiased and in the best interest of the player.

The protection of players, especially when it comes to concussion issues, has been a major focal point for the NFL.  With rules implemented to protect the player with the ball, it seems as if the NFLPA is asking for changes on the sidelines and not on the field on play.

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