Lions and 49ers Coaches Mix It Up

While the 49ers won a a hard fought game over the previously unbeaten Lions, 25-19 to go to 5-1, the near-coaches brawl after the game was almost more intense than the game itself.

An exuberant 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh ran over to Lions coach Jim Schwartz and shook his hand a little too enthusiastically, jumping up and down in celebration and patting Schwartz on the back.

Schwartz then proceeded to chase Harbaugh down to have a few words with him, pushing him a few times.  Players stepped in to separate the coaches.

Harbaugh admitted he slapped Schwartz’s hand too hard, as he said on  “I was really revved up. That was on me a little, too hard a handshake there.”

Harbaugh then said he got a jostled by Schwartz after Schwartz chased him 40 yards down the field.  “I do get emotional, I do get fired up.  A lot.  I not going to apologize for that. If that offends you or anybody else, so be it.”

Schwartz has been quoted as saying: “I went to congratulate Coach Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way. And then I didn’t expect an obscenity at that point, so it was a surprise to me at the end of the game.”

Videos of the incident and the post-incident melee are included below.

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