Ike Taylor Not Happy With Criticism

Pittsburg Steelers veteran cornerback Ike Taylor, feels that the local news media does not defend the Steelers. He also says the media picks and chooses specific statistics to make their point, post-gazette.com reports.

“I always felt like, you know, if we’re in the same city, regardless what’s going on with the team, why can’t we just be family? Why can’t we just point out the facts? Why does one individual have to be pointed out?”

During Tuesday’s new conference, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin weighed in on Taylor’s play.  “He needs to get back to playing good, sound football,” said Tomlin, whose perception of Taylor’s performance surely was not formed by listening to local sports talk shows.

Taylor also stated the Steelers defense isn’t as bad as everyone thinks.

“The stats are the stats,” said Taylor, who repeated his assertions in the locker room. “Y’all look at numbers, y’all throw numbers out, the numbers don’t lie. And, if you want to go by numbers, we’re not doing as bad as what they say we’re doing.”

This Sunday night, the Steelers will face a Cincinnati Bengals team that features one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the NFL in A.J. Green.


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