Chargers Being Investigated for Illegal use of Stickum

The sticky substance known as “Stickum” was made famous by former Oakland Raider greats Lester Hayes and Fred Biletnikoff. Stickum created an advantage for wide receivers and cornerbacks in the 1970’s and early 1980’s by helping a player catch and hang on to the ball. Then the substance was banned by the NFL ever since and drifted away into the folklore of yesteryear.

Stickum is now back.

Jay Glazer of Fox reports that the San Diego Chargers are facing a stiff punishment after officials confiscated a towel containing stickum during the Monday Night Football game against the Denver Broncos.

Per the report Glazer states an equipment manager brought a towel onto the field during a timeout. Which caught the attention of one of the officials, one thing led to another and now the Chargers could be facing a very large fine for cheating as well as a strong possibility of being docked draft picks for being caught cheating.

As history has shown us, when you are caught cheating, it’s always best to be upfront and just tell the truth as the penalty for covering up could be much worse than the penalty for the crime.

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