Giants Take Marvin Austin With 52nd Pick

With the 20th pick in the second round of the NFL draft, the New York Giants selected North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin.

Analysis: No team runs to type better than the Giants. When in doubt, they take a defensive lineman, and they’re just not going to draft for need no matter what anybody thinks. With glaring needs at linebacker and offensive line, the Giants picked a cornerback (Prince Amukamara) in the first round and now have taken a defensive tackle in the second. In fairness, they could stand to upgrade in the middle of the D-line. They just didn’t need it as badly as they needed help in other spots. But when they see value, the Giants pounce, and Austin slid from early projections just like Amukamara did.

Alum: Former Giants running back Joe Morris announced the pick.

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