Yankees hires Rachel Balkovec as full time hitting coach

New York- The New York Yankees break history again by hiring Rachel Balkovec as their full time hitting coach in the minor league. Balkovec is the first full-time female coach that the MLB has hired. Balkovec struck the eyes of the MLB with her experience as well as her passion to help others improve. “It’s an easy answer to why we chose Rachel for this role,” Yankees hitting coordinator Dillon Lawson told Berra. “She’s a good hitting coach, and a good coach, period.” Balkovec’s journey was a roller coaster ride. She worked in the minor league as a strength and conditioning coordinator for the Cardinals, the Astros‘ Latin American strength and conditioning coordinator, the strength and conditioning coach for Double-A Corpus Christi, and finally landed a job with the Yankees. maxresdefault In April of 2019, the MLB scored a C with diversity and wanted to do something about it. There are only 188 women who work in the MLB organization and they will like to see more women in bigger roles. Yankees’ assistant general manager Jean Afterman had this to say about the lack of women hired in the MLB. “I’ve been honored to sometimes be referred to as a trailblazer, but it’s pretty exhausting when you blazed a trail and there’s nobody following up behind you.” Pro organizations are trying to change the narrative and bring more women into front office positions to balance equality within genders. There have been increased roles with women in the front office of different organizations. Change has been slow, but changing the dynamic of bringing more diversity is the approach that pro organizations are taking.

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