Tom Brady Passes Another Future Hall Of Famer in Passing Yards

New England- Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady surpasses Peyton Manning in All-Time Passing Yards, moving into second place behind Saints’ QB Drew Brees on Thursday against the New York Giants. As it stands, Brees has 74,845 career passing yards and Peyton has 71,940.

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots

There have been so many historical plays between the Giants and the Patriots that it was only fitting for Brady to accomplish this goal against the team that stopped an undefeated season, as well as defeated the Patriots twice in the SuperBowl. Brady, as well as Eli Manning always had some good laughs to share after their games. Manning did not play in this game, because

Brady defined the odds that were against him when he was drafted in the 6th round, made the best out of his opportunities, and carried the New England Organization to 10 Super Bowl appearances and winning six Championships. Brady was not that shocked about moving into second place of All-Time Passing Yards. He was just looking over how his team needs to improve and what they need to improve on to get back into postseason play.

At the age of 42, Brady is doing the impossible and he is not ready to quit. He just signed a 2-year extension with the Patriots and wants to retire when he is 45.


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