Seattle Dragons Release New Uniforms for Upcoming Season

Seattle- On Tuesday, the XFL released the uniforms that each of the eight teams were going to have. For the Seattle Dragons QB, Brandon Silvers and WR Kasen Williams were the models for the night and had a lot to say about the opportunity and what it means to them and the city of Seattle. “I am pretty excited about this season. This is something that will electrify the city of Seattle and gives fans a lot of hope for another pro team to be successful here,” said Williams. “I am excited to be here and do something I love; with all the ups and downs that I have had, I am very excited about this opportunity.

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Silvers had this to say about the uniforms and the upcoming season. “I am pretty excited about the uniforms. The uniforms feature something a little different, but I like the style and the colors. Outside of the uniforms, I think this will be a great season for the XFL and I am pretty excited about it.”

The XFL is revisiting its league after a failed attempt in 2001. A lot of people stated that they felt like the XFL failed because of bad marketing and didn’t have enough resources to excel and become a force in the football industry. With a new marketing strategy and the advancement of technology, the XFL could go far this season with building momentum leading up to the start of the season. It will be pretty interesting to see if the XFL will increase in viewership because people want to see how the XFL has changed from the last time it started.

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