Seahawks Survive A Ping Pong Game Against the Browns to go 5-1

Seattle- On the opening kickoff, the Cleveland Browns’ kick returner Dontrell Hilliard ran 74 yards on the opening kickoff to put the Browns into the redzone against the Seattle Seahawks. Three plays later, Nick Chubb scored a 7-yard touchdown to put the Browns up early 7-0. Russell Wilson and his high power offense answered the Brown’s touchdown with some quick passes down the field. The Seahawks decided to speed up the game a little bit by using the hurry-up offense to keep the Browns on their heels. It worked because the middle of the field was open for a couple of big plays down the field. Wilson kept the ball on a keeper for a 16-yard touchdown.

However, the Seahawks missed an extra point attempt, which made the score 7-6, in favor of the Browns. On the ensuing possession, the Browns decided to go in a hurry up and on a 4th down and 7, the Browns went for it and converted a 27- yard pass down the field to put the Browns in the redzone. A couple plays later Baker Mayfield called his own number for a score to extend the lead 14-6 against the Seahawks.

The Seahawks’ offense stalled a little bit in the first half and the Browns’ defense pressured Wilson and the Seahawks’ offensive line. They pressed the wide receivers and made Wilson hold onto the ball a little longer than he wanted to.

The Browns scored another touchdown down early in the second quarter to Ricky Seals-Jones but missed an extra point to make it a comfortable 20-6 lead in the first half. Seahawks added a field goal after a promising drive stalled because of penalties, which made the score 20-9. The Seahawks got a big break after they blocked a punt to put them in great position after Odell Beckham Jr. dropped a third-down pass, but the Browns’ defense stopped the Seahawks on a third and goal, so they were forced to kick a field goal. The Seahawks cut the lead to 20-12 late in the first half.

The Seahawks caught another break when Baker Mayfield misread the defense on a slant pass and threw it right into the Seahawks defender’s hands. This was Mayfield’s 9th interception this season and he leads the league in interceptions. However the Seahawks missed some opportunities down the field and they had to punt the ball, despite the turnover.

On the net possession, Mayfield threw a 40-yard bomb to a leap ODBJ who caught the ball with a defender all over him, however that catch did not mean anything because Mayfield threw his second interception in the redzone three plays later. The Seahawks took advantage of it and score a touchdown, but failed on the 2-point conversion before the half was over to make the game interesting 20-18.


The Browns stopped a good drive as they fumblled the ball, Seahawks recovered the turnover and scored a touchdown to take the lead 25-20. Towards the end of the third quarter in this ping-pong game, the Seahawks fumbled the ball and the Browns recovered it. They were stopped on a fourth and goal, but the Browns’ defense stopped the Seahawks on their ensuing drive. After the Seahawks shanked a punt, Chubb decided to do the rest and put his team on his back. The browns scored and converted 2-point conversion to go up by three in this shoot out, 28-25.

Wilson went right down the field and Chris Carson scored on a 1-yard touchdown to put the Seahawks up by four 32-28. That was the nail in the coffin that gave the Seahawks the victory.



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