Seahawks looking To Fill WR Position

Seattle, WA- The Seattle Seahawks are looking for quality receivers to help out Tyler Lockett and have not really found a guy that can be a game-changer. Former WR Doug Baldwin retired this year, because of injuries and potential players that want to take his spot have not lived up to expectations.


 Keenan ReynoldsTerry Wright, and John Ursua are all battling for a spot on the roster, but have not contributed in a positive way in preseason play. All three of the players have the size, speed, and are good at their routes in practice, but in the game, they seem hesitant with making the right cuts or dropping passes. 

Out of these three wide receivers, Ursua has more yards than either of his teammates. He caught two passes for 48 yards and was involved with a trick play that went for 8 yards against the Vikings. He has been praised among his colleagues as a tough nose physical receiver, but he needs to be more involved with the play calling.

The Seahawks will be playing against the Chargers on Saturday, so much of the evaluation will come in the next two games to see what players can fill up the position. The Seahawks staffing has already said that they are looking for players to play wide receiver and special teams. It will be interesting to see what players will come out of this with a position because everybody is evenly matched and has not set themselves apart from the pack just yet.

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