Russell Wilson: A Role Model In The Community

Seattle, WA- Seahawks  QB Russell Wilson is not a great playmaker on the field, but a great role model off the field. Every chance that he gets, he will talk with the community of Seattle about overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Wilson has a foundation called the Why Not You Foundation that has helped hundreds of children find that passion they were looking for, as well as a mentorship program to educate children with moving in the right direction. “A lot of it for me has just been if we can inspire one kid, that boy or girl may change the world,” said Wilson. “If they can just get a little glimpse of hope, get a little glimpse of what God’s done for me in my life, then it’s worth it.”

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Wilson’s faith, as well as his parents shaped him into the man that he has become. “My faith is everything. It means everything to me that God is the center around my life. “My dad used to always say, ‘Why not you? Why not you, son? Why not you? Why not you be a pro ball quarterback? Why not you win a Super Bowl?’ I think the reality is, that’s the fundamental question we all have to ask ourselves at some point.”

Wilson has always been someone that looked to enhance and educate individuals with investing in their future. Ciara and Russell are pretty invested in the Northwest market. Recently, they became Co-owners of the Seattle Sounders, as well as Co-owners for an MLB team in Portland. For the Wilsons, every move that they make is about improving the community. “If a company doesn’t have any thought process on making a difference, and making a difference in the same way that I’m thinking about making a difference for kids and everything else, we’re probably not a great fit.”

Family, faith, and a positive mindset has helped Russell become a likable person in the league. He is a very fierce competitor and loves being an impactful person on and off the field.


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