Roc Nation and the NFL Have Partnered Together

Seattle, WA- Jay-Z and the Roc Nation team has teamed up with the NFL to expand its diversity during Super Bowl halftime shows, as well as educate everyone on the injustice on and off the field.


“I’m really into action, I’m into real work. I’m not into how it looks. How it looks only lasts for a couple of months until we start doing the work. I’ve been in this position many times,” said Jay Z. “Take Tidal as a great example from five years ago. Now, people look at it today, people have a different outlook on it, but at the time, people didn’t see what was going on. So I’ve been in this position many times. I just show up and do the work, I’m not interested in how things look on the outside. If protesting on the field is the most effective way, then protest on the field. But, if you have a vehicle that you can inspire change and you can speak to the masses and educate at the same time.”

Jay-Z and his team are very optimistic about how much progress they can have with making a change in issues surrounding injustice and diversity. “Inspire Change is already happening (with Roc Nation) and the NFL has a huge platform,” Jay-Z said. “We can use that huge platform, and we’ve seen it happen. Like with J.J. Watt when he brought the aid to everyone in Houston, everybody forgot about the turmoil that was in the NFL. If you can use this platform to do that in different areas, that’s a home run. That’s how I would view success. That’s a success for me.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thought the Partnership was inspiring and had great things to say about Jay-Z. “Not just on his perspective on the process of how we do the entertainment, but what we should try to achieve,” said Goodell. We always say we should get better and we should evolve. We think we should partner with the best, and that’s why we’re sitting here. We believe we’re partnering with the best. So, his perspective is going to drive us.”


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