Red Zone problems caused the Seahawks to slip 0-2 in Preseason

Seattle, WA- Failed attempts to push the ball in the redzone during the first half caused the Seattle Seahawks to play from behind the entire second half against the Los Angelos Rams.  Turnovers and missed opportunities gave Seattle a 24-14 loss to the Chargers, as well as a 0-2 record in the preseason.


Seattle jumped out the gate with a quick series of deep passes that Russell Wilson threw accurately to put his team in position for them to get their first set of points against the Chargers. The Chargers were getting hackled by Seattle’s mixed plays on the first possession but tightened their defense up after a penalty stopped a Chris Carson touchdown.

The Seahawks had to settle for a field goal two plays later. That was the only time in the game that they had the lead. Phillip Rivers marched down the field on the Chargers first possession and made it look too easy. The Seahawks missed a couple of tackles which led to some big runs down the field. Bobby Wagner was not happy about the missed tackles and got after some of his guys after the Chargers scored a touchdown.

On the Seahawks’ next possession, Wilson threw a 52-yard spiral to wide receiver David Moore between two defenders, which was a jaw-dropping catch. “Obviously David Moore was exceptional tonight,” quarterback Russell Wilson told reporters. “The way that he went up and got that football on the third and long. I tried to give him a chance to make a play, and sure enough, he did.“When you have guys who can make great plays like that, that’s what you get excited about – that fired me up big time.”

However, two plays later, Carson fumbled the ball in the endzone. Pretty much that was the tail of the first half, as well as deep into the second half as the Seahawks struggled to gain any momentum. “A horrible thing to do,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said of Carson’s fumble, a cardinal sin of the coach’s near the goal line.


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