Preseason Week 2: Bills’ Players On The Bubble

Buffalo- Week 2 of the Buffalo Bills’ preseason is on its way. After a dominating performance in the first half against the Colts last week and a disappointing second half, certain players have found themselves on the bubble.

Offensive lineman Russell Bodine has found himself on the bubble. Last season the Bills signed Bodine to replace Eric Wood. Bodine started 10 games but has not been effective as the Bills hoped for. He has had some ups and downs in training camp, but the Bills want to see more from him in order to secure at least a back-up position.

T.J. Yeldon finds himself competing for a final spot on the roster as a running back. It seems that the Bills may run four running backs just in case LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore get injured. Yeldon is battling with Senorise Perry. Yeldon does not have the jets like he used to with making defenders miss and gaining extra yards, but Perry can create mitch-match problems for defenders. He is very shifty, can break away on the dime, and contributes in other ways like special teams. Yeldon has to be close to perfect to even get a nod at a spot on the roster because his decreasing productivity is his Achilles heel.

Eddie Yarbrough is on the bubble as well. Jerry Hughes, Trent Murphy, and Shaq Lawson have commanded the defensive end position and it looks like they have some players that have come from the practice squad to compete for a position. Yarbrough is a very talented person and can impact a game quick by putting pressure on the offensive end. His production has been good, but the Bills depth chart would signal that he may be cut if they decide to only play five defensive ends.

The Bills are off to a good start, but will face the Carolina Panthers on Friday!

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