OC Brian Daboll Talks About Bills’ Progression

Buffalo- After the Buffalo Bills destroyed the Carolina Panthers 27-14 last week, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll liked what he saw with his defense, as well as the offense. However, all eyes were on the receivers and Daboll talked about what he saw with the receiver core.

“Well, the first thing is what everybody sees, is getting open and catching the ball. Then you talk about the technique of how you get open, what you do against press coverage, your body language at the top of the route, how you come back to the ball, where you’re supposed to be and when you’re supposed to be there all the time, particularly in zone coverage that you’re going against so that we can trust exactly where you’re going to be and the timing of the throw against zones. There’s not a lot of thinking, there are eye-control and movement but they’re going to be right where you need them to be. When you get into those third-down situations or first and second down when teams like to play a lot of man coverage, who can separate and make a play on the football,” said Daboll.

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Josh Allen has improved and looked great in his second-week game, but Daboll wants to see more. “He needs to do his job well, which is making the appropriate read or getting us out of a particular play and then throwing it to the right guy. That’s what he can control and he has to have trust in his teammates that they’re doing the right things. The line has done a good job with the pocket and the receivers, when they have gotten man-to-man coverage, have gotten open. So, he needs to just take what they give him and make the appropriate read. He’s going to continue to work on that. There’s a lot of variables that go into moving the football and all of those other things. He’s done a good job this camp.”

The defense held the Panthers to 14 points and punished their QBs, Daboll liked what he saw, but he still wants improvement with some of the players giving up too much space for their opponents to run past them or attempt to jump a route on a double move, which could end up a big play down the field.

Right now the Bills are looking good with a 2-0 record in the preseason and looking to bring that momentum into the regular season.


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