New Football League has captured the eyes of the world

Seattle-The  Alliance of American Football league has captured the eyes of the world, because of the new rules, regulations, and even the storylines that some of the players had to endure to even make the roster.

Mike Bercovici

The AAF rules are very different from the NFL. There will be no kickoffs, no extra points after touchdowns; you are forced to attempt a 2-point conversion, in overtime the team gets the ball on their opponents 10-yard line, and the play clock will be cut down to 30 seconds.  Founder Charlie Ebersspokeoke about the rules and regulations format before the premiere of the AAF last night. “We’re looking at changing plays where either the fan engagement is low or for safety reasons. We are getting away from kickoffs for two reasons. One it is regularly considered one of the most dangerous plays in football. Secondly, fans have pointed out that kickoffs are the more boring plays in football, so we decided to take that out and keep the players on the field.”

Last night the AAF opened up with a bang. There were two games that had gotten a lot of fan interaction. The Orlando Apollos won big against the Atlanta Legends 40- 6, while the San Antonio Commanders won in a thrilling game over the San Diego Fleet 15-6. Both games had a course of defensive stops and some amazing plays down the field. A lot of fans kept commenting that the refs let the guys take some hits and did not throw the flag like the refs would have done in the NFL. “Did you see the hit that the QB took, man it wasn’t helmet to helmet or anything? It was a clean shot and that is something the NFL needs to take a look at,” said an anonymous source.

However, there were a couple of football fans that said that it looked like another semi-pro league and it did not catch their eyes, because they have seen it before. However, maybe fans like the idea of the AAF, because it is more football to watch until the NFL comes back on. In a CBS viewer rating, there were 2.9 million people who tuned in on the AAF’s opening night.

We shall see if ratings will increase or decrease in the upcoming weeks, but a lot of people are saying that this league has a lot of potentials and want to see how it will expand in the next five years.

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